How To Stand Out On Google

How to Glow When Googled

I read an interesting blog the other day from a real estate agent who held an open house.

She met a nice young couple who toured the house and then came back and spoke with the agent.

“Yeah, we Googled you,” they said, apparently happy with what they found.

Googled you? Can Google get any more powerful?

They already know where you live (Street View), what you are planning to do today (Calendar), who you hang out with (Google+) and what you like to look for online (Search).

And they do all that in such a nice way. So we let them. Let’s face it, these guys are good. Personally, I love their products.

So now that we have accepted the universal presence of Google in our lives, the question is: how to stand out on Google?

For an experiment, I checked out a few real estate agents. Some were good, some were so-so. One result told me where they person was born in the first sentence. And it wasn’t where he was working now. So what?

Another person had a nice checklist of things that set them apart and even offered a free e-book on buying a house. Not bad.

The key is, when someone Googles you, do you get them excited about you or are you going to bore them with the same old same old.

In other words, don’t tell them who you are, tell them what you will do for them. That’s how to stand out on Google.

As a real estate professional, there are several ways to set yourself apart. One simple way is to offer a FREE lifestyle search for home buyers. And a simple way to do that is to add the SpatialMatch Lifestyle search engine to your site. It’s a huge database of millions of businesses, schools, parks, etc. combined with an IDX. It’s “spatial” because the results are all presented on a colorful map with distance sliders.

So, when you are Googled, be sure people see this one aspect of what you provide. For example, you can include a promotion such as:

“I will do a free assessment of your lifestyle preferences to find the ideal property that meets your needs beyond just a house.”

Or “Use our neighborhood search engine to find the amenities, schools and businesses you want to live near.”

“Like to golf, jog or stretch? Use our SpatialMatch tool to find the home in the best location for your needs.”

You get the picture.

The million-dollar question is, when people Google you, will they get the picture?

The picture you want to present is that you have their needs in mind, that you offer more than the average agent and that you have the latest search technology to help them match their lifestyle needs with their property needs.

With Google, people can learn quite a bit about you in an instant. So when it comes to wondering how to stand out on Google, you can add SpatialMatch to your site quickly, so in an instant, they will see you are the right broker or agent for them.

For a demo of the state-of-the-art neighborhood search technology provided by SpatialMatch, go here.

When It Comes to Website Personalization in Real Estate, How Is Your Website?

I thought about this the other day while I downloaded an app on my smartphone: There’s a major underlying shift taking place with consumers.

Take iPhone apps for example. You might enjoy photography apps, someone else might like games, and someone else might prefer weight loss apps.

The point is you don’t just get a phone with a camera. You get to personalize that phone for your lifestyle.

Same with Netflix — watch one movie, Netflix will show you a dozen more just like it, some very obscure, but ALL related to the type of movies you watch.

Buy something from Amazon or even just look at products on Amazon, and they will send you suggestions based on your tastes.

Or even sneakers. Those things you throw on your feet that once came in two colors — black and white. At NikeiD, you can create your own sneaker with your choice of colors, soles, flywire (whatever that is) laces, and even whether you want them to glow in the dark.

So what does all this mean?

Businesses are getting very, very good at enabling consumers to customize products to their individual desires. This is the era of personalization. Which brings us to real estate. How can you capitalize on this trend? How can you personalize a real estate website?

One way is with lifestyle preferences. The Lifestyle Search Engine and IDX SpatialMatch is just the tool to provide that service.

As you know, home buyers have needs that go beyond just a house. They all have individual preferences in schools, where to shop, where to work and where to play.

So, most real estate companies will have a link on their site — area schools. That’s not a very good way to personalize a real estate website.

What if you took it from this angle? What if you offered a personalized lifestyle service that will help you match a property with ALL of a buyers lifestyle preferences? Now that’s a great way to personalize a real estate website.

SpatialMatch can do this. The platform comes with an enormous neighborhood database containing millions of businesses, local features such as parks and yes, even hundreds of thousands of schools, public and private.

Find out what the buyer likes to do. You can then pull up a home they are considering, alongside an illustration of all the amenities they want within a certain distance radius.

Pile it on. Say, the buyer loves to golf. Show him the golf courses nearby. Then turn to the wife and ask her what she likes to do. Work out? No, problem, here are the fitness studios within a mile.

Restaurants, hospitals, schools, parks, banks, and so on. The buyers can even can play with the software themselves to add whatever they want to the lifestyle search.

I mean, come on, how cool is that? It’s like sitting in a restaurant and somebody showing you how you can order all your favorite things to eat. How personalized is that? SpatialMatch is one of the best ways to personalize a real estate website. In this age of custom apps, movies, clothes etc., you as a real estate professional can be right there with the latest consumer trends and tools.

You can be known as the broker or agent who has the best tool on their website that is tailored to meet the personalized needs of every customer!

For a tour of SpatialMatch in action, go to