Property Sales Data

The Value of Property Sales Data and Hot Markets

When it comes to finding hot markets, property sales data is golden. And as a real estate professional knows, there are a number of factors that can turn any market into a hot market, fast.

Take a recent example from overseas. The entire world was surprised one day when “Brexit” took place, and citizens in Britain surprisingly voted to leave the European Union.

Many pundit, experts and Brits woke up scratching their heads with two BIG questions:

How did that happen?

What happens next?

Well, it didn’t take long before the consequence of that vote began to take hold. Stock markets across the world took a nosedive. The English pound plummeted. Housing prices collapsed.

But as people with experience in real estate know, these events have rippling effects, and ripples create opportunities.

Those opportunities are now taking place across the North Sea in Sweden. As home prices in England dropped, investments in homes in Sweden catapulted.

The entire country of Sweden became a “hot” market. Some real estate-related companies are seeing a 60% surge in value.

Meanwhile, back in England, 75% of prime homes for sale have owners slashing prices.

England’s numbers are going down, Swedish numbers are going up. That’s where the money is going.

Now, it doesn’t take the disruption of an entire continent to create a hot market.

Locally, there are simpler factors—new schools being developed, a new train station in the works, oversaturation in neighboring markets and much more.

Wouldn’t it be great to be the local broker or agent who is seen as the resource on “hot” markets? Or just the resource for property sales data in general?

With hyper-local data supply companies like Home Junction, any agent or broker can instantly turn their website into a data warehouse.

Big data technology now makes it easy for an agent to add a few lines of code to their website, and instantly have a wealth of hyper-local data filling their website.

That data would include property sales data, school data, local business data, demographics, to name a few.

That’s the first step.

Property Sales Data Is Hot Content

Now, with a plethora of social media out there, a local agent can also distribute that data to prospects for free.

Post some breaking property sales data on Facebook. Take a screen shot of a hyper-local sales chart and post it on Instagram. Post a link on Twitter telling people they really need to see this new trend taking place in xyz neighborhood.

It’s the same with email marketing. Instead of sending the same old email blast with the same old subject line, send out a breaking news item showing the latest snapshot of home prices. Buyers will definitely be interested. So will sellers. Both parties will be impressed you are the agent with local property sales data.

The beauty of all this is that the agent won’t be referencing another site and sending those prospects elsewhere.

With property sales data from Home Junction, they will attract those prospects to their own website where they can capture contact information, generate an opt-in email or perhaps even spark a direct phone call.

Perhaps you have a “Brexit-type phenomena” brewing in your area. You can be the “go-to website” for hot markets when you have the right property sales data from sources like Home Junction.

Real Estate Content

Wine/Social Media Guru Gary Vaynerchuk Offers Advice on Real Estate Content

What do wine and real estate content have in common? According to web guru Gary Vaynerchuk, quite a bit.

You might have heard of Gary. He’s the guy who built a $50 million empire selling wine—all on the internet.

The guy loves social media. He wonders why everybody doesn’t love it as much. He certainly believes real estate agents can have similar success if they embrace this technology wholeheartedly.

He advises agents, to ask themselves this question:  “Do you believe in the power of the web or not?”

If you do, then he says, “go deep.”

To put it simply, his mantra is “Social Media = Business.”

But there’s a caveat if you are going to embrace social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

“The first rule about content marketing is you have to actually generate content. You actually have to have something to say,” Gary notes. “That is the key ingredient to building a personal brand online.”

In his book, Crush It!, he makes this observation: “Great content is also about telling stories, and that’s true even if you’re in retail or B2B or consumer services. If you’re a real estate agent and your area is Clark, New Jersey, then you should want to tell me everything about Clark that makes it unique. Tell me the story of the town, not just the home you want to sell. Make me care about the place as much as you do.”

Use Local Data to Create Real Estate Content

Okay, here’s where the hype hits reality…

Real estate agents are busy. They are out there all day long showing houses, organizing agent tours, and preparing for open houses. They are networking at breakfast groups in the morning and business events in the evening; attending and participating in charity events.

On top of that, there’s this other entity called a “family” which can take up quite a bit of an agent’s time.

It’s not exactly easy to become a real estate content machine like the Gary Vaynerchuks of the world—filming YouTube videos, feeding tweets on Twitter and constantly posting photos of wine bottles on Instagram.

So here’s a solution. Interesting real estate content is the key to the kingdom on the web. Why not equip yourself with content-enhancing tools?

For one, make sure your real estate website is based on WordPress, the most popular and effective content management system in the world. You can even have real estate website experts such as Home Junction set you up on a WordPress in very little time.

With WordPress, you have an easy tool to post real estate content. WordPress started out as a blogging tool by a pair of young developers whose mission was to create a very simple way for the average person to become a blogger.

The tool was so effective, in fact, that the developers eventually created a version where you could build an entire website using WordPress. That technology also took off.

Now, many of the most popular content sites in the world use WordPress.

Why? Because it is so easy to use. Any agent can learn how to post their own local real estate content. Any time of day or night. They don’t have to wait for a webmaster. They don’t have to pay for a webmaster to do it.

WordPress is designed to be search engine friendly. Google bots love it for ranking because the code helps Google easily determine what each page is about. That’s not always the case on sites with bloated or sloppy coding.

Now you have the best possible platform for content. You have an efficient, fast way to post fresh content and distribute it on social media.

Here’s another tip: Hook up with a real estate data provider, like Home Junction, to put unique, hyper-local data on your real estate website.

Gary Vaynerchuk may be a whizz at coming up with things to talk about regarding wine. There’s always a new bottle of wine to review. But for anybody who has stared at a keyboard wondering what to heck to write about, having a hyper-local data provider is a godsend.

With Home Junction, for example, you can get feeds for all types of local content, including:

  • Property Sales Data
  • Home Pricing Trends
  • Local Demographics
  • Local Cost-of-Living Indexes
  • Local School Data
  • Local Businesses based on Distance

That’s not only content, it’s authoritative content. Super local real estate content.

Which Facebook post do you think is going to catch the eye of prospects? The one you post, “Gee, I just love the weather today, it’s nice and cool.”

Or, “Here is a graph with the latest trends in Home Sales Pricing in xyz neighborhood.”

You might think you can’t be as successful as Vaynerchuk. But remember, he’s selling $29 bottles of wine. You are selling $600,000 homes. Invest in yourself to boost your personal brand. Turn yourself into a content-generating machine by acquiring the best tools on the market to do it.

That’s how you go deep. Do this right, and at some point, you will be buying a bottle of wine recommended by Gary Vaynercuk to toast your increased success.

Here’s a link on Inman’s with Gary’s advice on real estate content.