Recruiting Real Estate Agents

The Best Broker Tools For Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Recruiting Real Estate AgentsAs any real estate broker knows, it can be a battleground out there when recruiting agents and one of the best weapons they can deploy are state-of-the-art WordPress real estate websites and real estate data.

Sure, some brokers chant the usual mantra when talking about how they go about recruiting agents. They tell the newcomers how their brokerage is top in the marketplace. How they have outstanding brand reputation in the community. How they have a great training program with seasoned veterans willing to help them out.

Here’s the challenge. Right now, according to the National Association of Realtors, there are fewer people under 30 in the real estate business than there have been in years. In 2010, there were 42,000 agents under 30. Five years later in 2015, there were an estimated 23,000.

Why? One reason is massive student debt. Graduates today on average are saddled with $30,000 in student loans. Tough to take on a commission-only job that far in a hole.

The other reason why you don’t see many millennials in real estate is that many of them have attended college (remember the reason for all that debt?). In college, you don’t see many real estate or even sales majors.

Luckily, many baby boomers are waiting longer to retire, so there is still a well to draw from for new recruits. But what is going to happen as those boomers start to retire? Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. Brokers will need them.

WordPress real estate websites help recruit new agents

There is one solution. It’s something a brokerage can use in addition to all those accolades about being a leader in the marketplace with a top-notch mentor program, etc., etc.

The sweetspot with the millenials is that this is the generation that was raised on technology. Baby boomers can remember when their parents brought home their first color TV. Millennials are the generation that creates their own TV shows (YouTube) and communicates on TV (Facetime).

These people are plugged in.

So for a brokerage to gain a competitive edge when recruiting millennials, use technology.

First of all, get rid of that archaic website. Build a high-performance, stunning real estate website with a mobile responsive WordPress platform. WordPress—the top content management system in the world—gives you so much more versatility as far as publishing stunning photos and videos, giving people the ability to upload content quickly, adding a huge number of helpful plug-ins and adapting to different devices, i.e. tablets, smartphones, etc.

In addition, WordPress is one of the best platforms out there for enhancing rankings on all the search engines.

Most millennials are familiar with WordPress. They’ve blogged on this platform. The brand is very well recognized with this generation.

Secondly, you could almost say that Google is integrated into the brain of just about every millennial. They don’t ask other people questions, they ask Google. (To them Google is a verb that is as common as the walk or speak).

So when it comes to recruiting agents, show them how you are using the latest web technology on the market (supplied by WordPress real estate website developers and data providers such as Home Junction), and you will get their attention.

Real estate market data gives agents more tools

There’s more. Not only should you provide a stunning WordPress real estate website platform with spectacular photos of listings, but you also need to show how your firm goes the extra mile and loads that website up with big data (another term millennials are very familiar with).

You not only have a photo of that million dollar property, you also have massive data sets showing Recent Homes Sales, Local Market Trends, Home Values, School Information, Demographics, Boundaries, Local Businesses, Points of Interest, Maps, Statistics, etc.

That’s impressive to a 30-year-old. If that young person is split between joining your brokerage or another one down the street, roll out the technology angle. It will close the deal.

To be honest, the same goes for any generation. Boomers are immersed in technology as well, and they will immediately be attracted to any brokerage with enhanced web tools.

If a brokerage is going to grow, it’s going to need bodies. This is 2017, the old recruiting techniques are important, but you must be No. 1 in your marketplace on the tech side.

If you want to appeal to the plugged-in generation and start recruiting agents, your firm must be plugged into a WordPress real estate website with the latest big data real estate tools.


Real Estate Newsletter

Data Tools Are a Must Asset for Starting a Real Estate Newsletter

Real Estate NewsletterMost real estate marketing experts will agree that a newsletter is a fantastic idea. However, for the average broker or agent a newsletter poses several challenges. Real estate data tools are one solution.

Because here’s the first challenge: Sure, a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter to prospects and clients sounds like a great idea in theory. In fact, this super-agent has built quite a following with his “pop-culture” themed newsletter. Kenny Truong, who was named to Inman’s Influencer List, reportedly has 6,000 subscribers to his newsletter. What a fantastic well of prospects, clients and referrals!

But as a busy agent or broker, who’s really got the time to create a newsletter with interesting information?

There’s other obstacles as well.

This is an era where many people are abusing the entire idea of news by creating their own “fake news.” In fact today, fake news seems to generate more headlines than news itself. And this fake news is not just confined to political news either. Many sites are hawking so called “secrets” about this celeb or “you won’t believe this” about other celebs. It’s literally a deluge of phony content to generate clicks. Readers are more skeptical than ever.

So how does a busy agent or broker generate legitimate news items?

Here’s the third challenge: How does that broker or agent create news they can host on their own site? It’s easy to post headlines to articles. But that sends prospects to someone else’s site. After all, that’s the one of the main purposes of a newsletter —to not only inform, but to generate traffic and leads.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution. With today’s big data technology, a broker or agent can actually embed a few links into their site that will pull in a wealth of relevant, hyper-local data. This is data that doesn’t cover national news or international sports. It’s granular data that is local to the agent’s immediate marketplace or even neighborhoods.

For example, using data feeds from big real estate data providers such as Home Junction Inc., an agent can display Recent Homes Sales and Market Trend data on their website.

What a fantastic and, frankly, very easy source of news for a newsletter. Of course, prospects and customers are going to be interested in local housing trends. What’s incredible about this real estate data is that it’s not like a broker or agent has to put on a hat with the word “Press” on it and go out and dig up this information.

It’s fed on a regular basis right to their site.

Those simple bits of real estate data are probably enough to serve as the main topic of any newsletter. Consumers love this stuff. Prospective home buyers get to see where the market is heading. Prospective sellers will love to see the direction the value of their home is going.

There’s plenty of other real estate data to consider as well:

  • School Information
  • Demographics
  • Business Listings
  • Home Values for Individual Properties

Sure, a broker or agent might prefer to write a blog about local market trends. Or new communities under construction. Or a new mall going up in their neighborhood. All great content for a newsletter.

But the one main factor to remember with a newsletter is that this is a regular feature that consumers expect.

So as anybody who writes a regular blog knows, writing that first blog is easy. You have all sorts of ideas saved up in your brain. Same with perhaps the second blog.

But after that, a typical blogger discovers coming up with new articles can be a chore, a headache for some. You continually need fresh ideas and content. Deadlines constantly loom, no matter how much you prepare for them.

On top of all this, what if you see you are generating a great response for your newsletter? People are opening the email, reading the articles and visiting your site. You can’t just stop.

Make it easy on yourself. Get some real estate data tools that help you create  your own news in a snap. After all, you are not a reporter. You are a real estate professional, and that’s enough work as it is.