Important: Upcoming Product Update Requires PHP 7.1

The server requirements for Home Junction WordPress plugins will be changing with the upcoming release of HJI Membership version 2.7.0. Currently Home Junction plugins require PHP version 5.6 or greater.

With the release of HJI Membership version 2.7.0 the new minimum PHP version will be 7.1. Updating HJI Membership to version 2.7.0 without running PHP 7.1 may cause websites running Home Junction plugins to crash.

What’s the Reason for this?

The PHP programming language is now being updated more regularly than in the past. Version 5.6 was released in August of 2014 and support ends for it on December 31st, 2018. Even support for PHP 7.0 ends at the close of 2018.

PHP 7.1 is more than twice as fast as PHP 5.6 and will have the latest security and performance enhancements. We will also be moving forward with support for PHP 7.2 as we head into 2019. Even the WordPress foundation recommends running PHP 7.2 for WordPress websites.

What should you do?

If your site is hosted with Home Junction, you’re all set. All Home Junction servers currently run or will run PHP 7.1 before the release and there’s nothing you’ll need to do.

However, if you are using a 3rd party hosting service we recommend contacting your hosting provider to ensure your server is running PHP 7.1 or higher. If your web host is unable to accommodate this request then you may want to consider other hosting options.

Contact our support department by emailing or calling 858-777-9533 extension 4, if you have any further questions.