4th Quarter Updates Summary

We are making efforts to start posting more regular release summaries for our real estate data products for WordPress. Since this is the first post in the series, we decided to round up the most prominent features released in the last quarter for Spatial Match 2.0.

  1. Mobile Updates
    • Optimized Header and Footer: improved usability by maximizing screen real estate.
    • Updated Views and Filters Panels
    • Unobtrusive Emphases on Calls to Action to maximize conversions.
    • Saved Properties and Alerts Management
  2. Search by Schools and Attendance Zones
  3. Configurable Responsive Menu
  4. Configurable UI Color Scheme
  5. New Status Filter
  6. Property Directions

Optimized Header & Footer

When it comes to mobile apps, standard desktop header and footer are usually dead spaces that do not add to the usability and rather taking away a large portion of the screen and unnecessary crippling user experience. We would like end users to immerse into the app itself, have a great experience using it and most of all, coming back to it until they find that perfect home that they are looking for.

While the header is present on larger screens, we completely removed it and stored it’s content under slide-out panel conveniently accessible via a common hamburger icon.

Collapsible Disclaimers

Real estate footers quite often get out of control with all the disclaimers, copyrights and corporate compliance information they may contain. In Spatial Match we designed a compliance drawer, which is opened by default when the user lands on the page for the first time and can be closed with a click of a mouse. The heading of the drawer contains primary copyright information and is allowed to wrap into two rows. The main content of the drawer contains MLS compliance and any other disclaimers or content an agent or broker may need to display:

Updated Views & Filters Panel

The Views panel received a nice facelift with evenly spaced icons and comprehensive labels to add clarity.

Saved Homes Indicator

Saving favorite listings and subscribing to alerts adds red indicator dot over the “saved” icon to hint that user can access their saved properties there:

Unobtrusive Emphases on Calls to Action

All pages consistently display strategically placed action buttons and allow users to contact an agent by phone, email or save favorite properties and subscribe to alerts. Literally at their fingertips.

The multi-purpose contact button is displayed at the bottom of every screen and allows the user to email or dial your number with a single tap:

New Status Filter

Per many customer requests we added a listing status filter to allow users to filter out contingent and pending sales:

Property Directions

We added directions link on the listing detail pages, which is a small but important feature especially on mobile devices while being in the field: