Lifestyle Relocation Specialist

The Benefits of Becoming a Lifestyle Relocation Specialist

I don’t know if you’d put “Lifestyle Relocation Specialist” on your business card, but you’d definitely want to incorporate this marketing message into your brand image. The fact is if you just sell homes, then you are a data-commodity, and your unique selling proposition is getting harder to convey. Unless, of course, you have the bragging rights to 100% market share, 100% sold rate at 100% asking price in just 0 days!
I doubt it!

There are other ways to set yourself apart from the commodity elements of the industry. You need to think like an exclusive boutique! Brand your service as a”Lifestyle Relocation Specialist.” Help clients not just sell and buy property, but assist them in all aspects of moving their lifestyle from point A to B. People don’t just change dwellings; they are uprooting their entire lifestyle, even when they are just moving across town! Demonstrate that you are the Local Neighborhood Expert with relevant knowledge that they cannot find elsewhere.

Position your real estate brand as the total solution that helps people move their lives. Advertise this uniqueness as your competitive advantage. It’s one very important way that you can effectively set yourself apart from being just another MLS data-reporting person; a commodity that is needed but which has less and less value each month.