Twitter For Real Estate

Let’s Give Them Something to Tweet About

Everyone knows that famous Bonnie Raitt song “Let’s give them something to talk about.”

For real estate brokers and agents in 2011, it should be “Let’s give them something to Tweet about.”

Yes, a site that amazingly only allows you to write 140-word messages at a time continues to skyrocket in popularity.

How popular you might ask? Well, the Wall Street Journal estimates Twitter, with revenues of $45 million last year, might be worth $8 to $10 billion.

Google and Facebook are reportedly sniffing around to get them to sell.

But oh no. Not for a measly $10 billion. The Twitter founders want to build the micro-blog into a $100 billion company.

If they are planning to grow Twitter into that size company, you might start planning to get better at using Twitter for real estate if you are going to be a major player in your marketplace.

Hopefully by now, you realize “this is what I ate for lunch” won’t cut it.

You want to establish yourself as the hyper-local expert. You want to be the one that gets followed.

Here are a few ways SpatialMatch’s map-based, lifestyle search engine technology can help you get the edge on utilizing Twitter for real estate:

  • Tweet listings with locations: every real estate agent is posting new home listings on Twitter. It just makes sense. But they all seem the same after a while. Why not do something different? Using SpatialMatch, when you list a property for sale, start with where they are located. If the home is next to the train station, or a great golf course, or a popular school, you can show that right on the SpatialMatch map with a radius circle indicating the distance. Powerful stuff.
  • Tweet new businesses: you want to establish yourself as the hyper-local expert. So when a new business opens up, say a gym with a climbing wall, you have the ability with SpatialMatch to add a custom description and picture to a local map. Wow, that’s makes you the high-tech hyper-local expert.
  • Tweet what’s sold and what’s available nearby: you don’t just have to show active listings. You can tweet properties that are sold. People pay attention when any type of transaction occurs. With SpatialMatch, you have the ability, again using a map, to show other similar properties nearby that are still for sale. And you can point out a few reasons why the property sold, for example, that train station down the street. This tells a potential buyer: get up off your butt and make an offer ASAP.

Bonnie has a phrase in her famous song: “People are talking, talking about people.”

If you want to successfully use Twitter for real estate, use SpatialMatch so your song will be “Tweeple are talking, talking about YOU.”

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