Family Oriented

How SpatialMatch Can Give Nearly Any Property a Family Oriented Community Location

There is probably no more appealing phrase to a person looking to buy a house than “family-friendly community.” It just has a nice, wholesome ring to it, doesn’t it?

A Florida newspaper went so far as to promote a package of ten “family-friendly communities” to help builders stir up some sales.

Here’s a paragraph describing one of the properties:

“With homes starting from the $260’s, families will feel as if they are on a year-round South Florida vacation at ________ by __________. There will be plenty of places for adults and children to play, including an 8,000 square-foot clubhouse featuring an indoor sports complex, arcade, cardio/fitness center, yoga/exercise studio, social hall with catering kitchen and children’s activity center. Outside, families will enjoy a resort style swimming pool, kids splash ‘n’ play area, basketball court, sports field, walking/jogging paths and lighted tennis courts.”

Sounds great. True lifestyle marketing.

But wait a minute? Why can’t you as a broker or agent create your own custom-designed family-friendly community?

Using a lifestyle search engine tool like SpatialMatch, you could literally take almost any property listed with you, or find out the lifestyle preferences of any home buyer, and create a scenario for a family-friendly community.

Take Property XYZ for example. Now let’s use the amenities shown in the development above.

With the SpatialMatch interactive map embedded on your site, you can illustrate where the nearest family-friendly community gyms like LA Fitness or the YMCA are located. These are huge sports facilities for all ages.

What about a community swimming pool or, even better, one of those parks with all the slides and tubing rivers? How cool is that to a kid! Point that out on the SpatialMatch screen, with a distance circle showing the proximity to Property XYZ.

Basketball courts? Got them nearby at the local middle school.

Sports fields? There’s a little league ballpark down the street.

Tennis courts? There’s a municipal tennis area with eight lighted courts at this park within a mile of the property.

Jogging/running trails?  This park has that too, as well as this park over here and that park over there.

Wow, with just a few clicks on SpatialMatch, you have made property XYZ an awesome “family-friendly location.”

Home buyers with families (or a family on the way) are going to love that.

When you show this to sellers, they are going to drool over this new hi-tech way you will be promoting their property.

Nobody’s got a monopoly on “family-friendly.”

And it’s the smart broker or agent who is certainly going to package properties that way, just like a major newspaper.

Here’s a link to the Palm Beach Post and their “family-friendly” promotion.