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How to Market Real Estate With School Data

I was speaking with an acquaintance of mine the other day and was surprised to hear he recently moved to the other side of the country.

“Yea, we like the schools here better.  We were considering a private school where we lived before but thought it would smarter to just relocate.”

2,000 miles!

That’s quite a leap.

Now I know he didn’t just move 2,000 miles for the schools, but our conversation kept nagging at me and I would not be surprised if it was 80% of the reason why he hauled his wife and two kids more than halfway across the country.

Every Realtor knows schools are a big issue with home buyers. But in this increasingly competitive day and age, it’s no secret that issue is getting more intense.

So, what have you done to increase the intensity of school information you can provide to prospects? Do you know how to market real estate in relation to schools?

I looked at a few real estate sites, and yes, they had school-related information on their site. And that school information consisted of a list. School names and addresses.

A list? This is the era of the iPhone, Google and Facebook. A time when you can be sitting at a Starbucks with your smart phone and can access all the information in the world.

And some real estate web sites just post a list. That’s it.

There is a huge opportunity to market real estate that’s being missed here.

What if your website had this school information instead:

  • a map pointing out the location of schools, public and private, in relation to any property under consideration.
  • sliding distance circles allowing you to determine how far away each school is from a certain property.
  • data on the number of teachers.
  • the number of students.
  • enrollment of students per grade.
  • ratio of male/female students.
  • enrollment by ethnicity.
  • school lunch information.
  • school district boundaries.

And what if your site could provide this data in an interactive search engine?

Integrated with a robust IDX real estate system that lets you research homes along with this critical school information.

Where you could save and email the results.

SpatialMatch is a tool that provides an IDX and Lifestyle database that can be embedded directly onto your site. Your valuable prospects don’t need to go wandering on the web to find this information. You’ve got it.

And when you approach sellers, when you show them how you are going to market their properties, you can point out to them how you are going to position their listing as an ideal property in terms of addressing the educational needs of buyers. In terms of distance, public and private schools, detailed information about those schools, etc.

This is how you market real estate in today’s world.

This is how you educate home buyers and sellers on one of the most pressing concerns of the day.

See an example below of how schools can be indicated on a SpatialMatch search platform for any neighborhood.

For a demo or more information on how you can immediately add this enormous educational database to your site, call 858-224-3535 or click here.