Geography Of Real Estate

It Was Geography, Not People, Who Shaped History

Traditionally, the way we learn about history is through the characters involved.
Genghis Khan, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Patton, etc.
But one writer, Sir Barry Cunliffe, argues that it wasn’t characters who shaped history, it was geography.
Geography was incredibly important then, as it is now. The geography of real estate is especially important. And that’s why it’s important to feature the best geo-spatial tools in real estate on your website — SpatialMatch map search.
Cunliffe has some credibility. He’s emeritus professor of European archaeology at Oxford. The guy’s also a knight. Sir Barry, to you. And he’s written a respected treatise on the subject – “Europe Between The Oceans.”
Sure personalities played a part. But Cunliffe says it was geography that really shaped destiny.
He points out the importance of geo-spatial factors such as:
– sailing routes
– terrain – the easier the trail, the more it was used
-proximity to technology, e.g. skilled chariot builders or ship builders
– soil salinity
-trade between cultures (and wars if they didn’t get along)
-wind patterns
Obviously, there’s much more to the equation. What’s interesting is how this applies to your immediate marketplace today. Yeah, things are different in Silicon Valley. Or the open coal mines of Gillette, Wyoming. Or the location of Amazon warehouses in Kentucky. Think about the effect geography has on your area. Where are the jobs? Where are the highways? Transportation centers? Educational centers? Recreational areas?
As Cudliffe notes, these places are important. More important than most people might realize initially when looking for a home. But underneath the surface, the geography of real estate has a tremendous impact.
With geo-spatial map-based tools such as SpatialMatch, you have a handle on this element in the real estate equation.
That’s powerful. With SpatialMatch, you can show MLS listings in relation to location because the properties are integrated into a map. And integrated into the map is an enormous data widget of thousands of locations — schools, businesses, parks, boundaries, highways, airports, train stations and naturally, homes for sale.
Of course, people would rather read about William the Conqueror than read about the location of iron ore mines.
But the location of iron ore mines shaped history.
Geography shapes your local market. Show buyers and sellers you realize the importance of the geography of real estate with SpatialMatch embedded on your site and your ability to point out all the key locations in an area.
To read about Cudliffes’ book, click here.