Property Sales Data

The Value of Property Sales Data and Hot Markets

When it comes to finding hot markets, property sales data is golden. And as a real estate professional knows, there are a number of factors that can turn any market into a hot market, fast.

Take a recent example from overseas. The entire world was surprised one day when “Brexit” took place, and citizens in Britain surprisingly voted to leave the European Union.

Many pundit, experts and Brits woke up scratching their heads with two BIG questions:

How did that happen?

What happens next?

Well, it didn’t take long before the consequence of that vote began to take hold. Stock markets across the world took a nosedive. The English pound plummeted. Housing prices collapsed.

But as people with experience in real estate know, these events have rippling effects, and ripples create opportunities.

Those opportunities are now taking place across the North Sea in Sweden. As home prices in England dropped, investments in homes in Sweden catapulted.

The entire country of Sweden became a “hot” market. Some real estate-related companies are seeing a 60% surge in value.

Meanwhile, back in England, 75% of prime homes for sale have owners slashing prices.

England’s numbers are going down, Swedish numbers are going up. That’s where the money is going.

Now, it doesn’t take the disruption of an entire continent to create a hot market.

Locally, there are simpler factors—new schools being developed, a new train station in the works, oversaturation in neighboring markets and much more.

Wouldn’t it be great to be the local broker or agent who is seen as the resource on “hot” markets? Or just the resource for property sales data in general?

With hyper-local data supply companies like Home Junction, any agent or broker can instantly turn their website into a data warehouse.

Big data technology now makes it easy for an agent to add a few lines of code to their website, and instantly have a wealth of hyper-local data filling their website.

That data would include property sales data, school data, local business data, demographics, to name a few.

That’s the first step.

Property Sales Data Is Hot Content

Now, with a plethora of social media out there, a local agent can also distribute that data to prospects for free.

Post some breaking property sales data on Facebook. Take a screen shot of a hyper-local sales chart and post it on Instagram. Post a link on Twitter telling people they really need to see this new trend taking place in xyz neighborhood.

It’s the same with email marketing. Instead of sending the same old email blast with the same old subject line, send out a breaking news item showing the latest snapshot of home prices. Buyers will definitely be interested. So will sellers. Both parties will be impressed you are the agent with local property sales data.

The beauty of all this is that the agent won’t be referencing another site and sending those prospects elsewhere.

With property sales data from Home Junction, they will attract those prospects to their own website where they can capture contact information, generate an opt-in email or perhaps even spark a direct phone call.

Perhaps you have a “Brexit-type phenomena” brewing in your area. You can be the “go-to website” for hot markets when you have the right property sales data from sources like Home Junction.