Recent Home Sales Data Can Make You The Resource Buyers Turn To In An Overheated Market

Existing Home SalesWhen housing markets overheat, there is no better tool for real estate brokers and agents than Recent Home Sales Data.

Every one who has been in the biz knows what those days are like. Buyers are in a frenzy. Homes are snatched right out of their hands (along with your commissions). Prices keep escalating.

It almost gets to the point where recent homes sales data is more important than the property itself.

That’s why it’s imperative that a real estate pro offers consumers this vital information embedded on their website. Things are moving fast. Buyers will scurry for answers. Sellers will want to pull the trigger on listings. You certainly don’t want buyers finding out recent homes sales information on a competitor’s website.

Fortunately, this is the age of big data. With today’s technology it is not a big deal to gather a ton of recent homes sales data. Not only in your marketplace, but in surrounding markets as well.

Take the town of Aviso just south of San Francisco. Dotcoms in the Bay Area are literally creating millionaires overnight. What do you think these people do when they get those big fat checks? Yep, they go out and buy a house.

Aviso used to be a sleepy little town. Now the tentacles of dotcom millionaires are reaching into their community and home prices are steadily increasing. Some people used to joke you would be lucky if you could sell a home for $200,000. They are not laughing anymore.

One couple from Sun Micro systems talked about how they had to dish out $500,000 for a home and it was a bargain compared to other places. Plus it had a yard. Now the house is probably worth $1 million.

Home sales are booming in Aviso. Rents are now going for as much as $3,000. Apple and Google just bought property there as well. The market is heating up faster than an backyard hamburger grill.

Sounds like a great situation for a real estate agent. But there are consequences. For one, residents there are in a panic. Not every buyer is going to be working for a computer conglomerate or the next big digital thing. What about firefighters, carpenters and teachers?

They are going to count on you as a real estate professional to help them find a place to live. What about someone who just moves into town, all happy at the prospect of starting their new job, only to find out they will probably have to sleep in their car? They are also counting on you to find them a place to live and to assure them the outrageous price they are about to pay for that home will be worth it in the long run.

Existing home sales data can relieve buyer anxiety

Talk is cheap. But real estate data is convincing. Especially with so much on the line.

Work with data provider such as Home Junction. They have the technology to be able to feed a pipeline of  recent homes sales and market trends right into your website by just adding a few lines of code.

In just a very short period of time a broker or agent can have a wealth of this information available to show to prospects. And to promote on social media to generate more prospects.

They can show charts for any community with trends in total Number of Home Sales. Is inventory low? Are home sales scarce? Should a buyer jump on a property as soon as it goes on the market?

You can also show a trend line for Sales Prices. Are home prices skyrocketing? What about that community about 10 miles to the south? Those home prices still seem to be holding steady. Perhaps that’s the place certain buyers should be looking.

Let’s get even more granular. With Home Junction data, a person can actually look on a map to see which homes sold for what price. Perhaps there’s a cluster of homes that sold on one street but a few blocks over there aren’t any. Need to find out why?

Just imagine talking to a stressed-out couple and being able to provide all this recent home sales data with just the press of a button. Sure, home prices might be high in certain areas, but think of the relief they will feel when you are able to show them other properties that are still within reach.

Or, think about how that data can help convince a newcomer to the area who is making a decent paycheck, that according to the trend line in recent home sales, buying a home at these prices might not be that  large of a risk and frankly, it’s probably a good investment.

In essence, you will be like a calm, knowledgeable shelter in a stormy landscape to them.

Whatever the outcome, you can be certain of this – those buyers will be greatly impressed with your professionalism, your hyper-local knowledge and the amazing recent home sales data you offer on your website.