Home Sales Data Can Help When Dealing With The Difficult Client

real estate difficult clientHome sales data can be one of the most helpful tools when dealing with a client who is difficult or uncooperative.

Every broker and agent encounters them. It’s just human nature. And when you throw in a transaction that involves someone’s home and hundreds of thousands of dollars, that’s a recipe that will only exacerbate the situation.

The challenge of how to handle the hard-to-please client. Those individuals who are stubborn, poor listeners and unrealistic. Hard to talk to. Require the patience of a saint.

For example, I remember one woman who priced her home way too high and then battled a low-baller who made an offer way south of what she wanted.

The negotiations transformed from a business transaction into a personal vendetta. Each side calling the other names. Each side really, really mad at the other. The agents were caught in the middle. The seller and buyer expected the agents to persuade the other party that they were wrong. That’s a chore nobody wants.

There are tools out there than can help a broker or agent deal with difficult situations and probably the best tool is to have Home Sales Data available to help both sides get a clearer picture of the situation.

There’s no better way to give people a reality check than with unemotional, plain hard facts.

Those plain, cold hard facts have added credibility when that data is not just pulled out of the air somewhere, but clearly displayed on a broker or agent’s website. Displaying that data on your own website gives clients the impression that this agent obviously believes in the accuracy of this information and has staked their reputation on it.

This also prevents a situation where an individual might go off on the Internet searching for this information on their own and finding who-knows-what, many times biased, to support their own views.

We’re talking about critical real estate data such as Market Trends or Recent Homes Sales for example. With data providers such as Home Junction, brokers and agents can have this data fed directly onto their websites with a simple API.

This is hyper-critical. For one, the agent can direct both buyers and sellers to the same source of information. This way there is no disputing the facts. Secondly, authority is a powerful persuader. People will listen to experts. It’s makes their decision-making process easier.

Home Sales Data Offers A Reality Check

When a broker or agent has a wealth of neighborhood statistics on their website such as home sales data, it reinforces their image as true experts in the marketplace. This broker or agent isn’t someone who just drives people around to look at homes. They are professionals who thoroughly understand the market and have access to a large number of tools, such as local real estate data, that does make them authorities in their field

Showing challenging people the facts can have a sobering effect on them. A seller can argue all day long about how their house is worth X, but the Recent Home Sale prices for the area will bring them back down to earth. Perhaps they live in a blue-collar neighborhood but are expecting boardroom prices.

A buyer can throw out their low-ball offer, but Market Trends showing a rise in home sales will move them off their mark and let them know if they continue to play this game, someone else is going to be moving into that house.

Real estate brokers and agents may be business people, but one of their biggest roles is as educators. Helping consumers understand the current status of the marketplace.

While human personalities vary from one person to the next, the great thing about home sales data is that the facts don’t waver with moods or impressions.

When dealing with a ticklish buyer or seller, those data tools can be a welcome relief for brokers and agents.