Real Estate Map Technology Helps You Create A Story About Amenities That Will Boost Home Prices

real estate map technologyEmbedding the right real estate map functionality on your website can be a powerful tool when you approach sellers.

Let’s face it. Experts will tell you that people love to talk about themselves and second to that, people love to talk about their homes.

What if you could use real estate map technology to talk about their home in a way that would blow them away?

As every real estate professional knows, there are many factors that contribute to the value and attractiveness of a home beside the home itself.

When you are asking buyers to pay $200,000 for a property, they’re important. When you are talking about asking someone to plunk down $1 million for a property, those factors are very important. (And the added value you show those million-dollar-homeowners is also critically important.).

According to, there are several factors outside the home that can boost home prices.

Savvy brokers and agents know this already.

But here’s a tool that will help sellers see how you are going to use those amenities to boost the value of their home in the mind of potential buyers.

Use real estate maps to show rather than tell

Here are some suggestions:

Schools – of course, we all know the value of good schools to home buyers (and sellers who live near them). Here’s where the right real estate map technology and data come in handy (both provided by Home Junction, of course).

For one, Home Junction provides in-depth, valuable school data. A complete breakdown of the school including the name of the principal, location, phone number, etc.

There’s more. A broker or agent can also post critical school data such as teacher/student ratios, demographics of the student population, etc.

Sure, an agent can tell a seller they are going to let the seller know, “There are really good schools in this area.”

A savvy agent will show a seller how they are going to provide factual in-depth data on everything a home buyer needs to know about a school.

Who is going to impress the seller more?

real estate map plugin

Home Junction’s real estate map technology plug-in.

Parks – people love parks. What’s great about this amenity is that this can be a critical selling factor that costs the home owner nothing. Sure, remodeling the kitchen for $30,000 is always a great upgrade. But don’t dismiss the value of a park two blocks away. You can turn that greenery into some greenery for the seller’s pocket.

With Home Junction real estate map technology, a broker or agent can point out on a map relative to the location of a property for sale, just where all the parks are located and their proximity to this home. That’s powerful.

Home Junction achieves this by integrating their geospatial mapping functionality with a local MLS database.

So, as a savvy agent, you discovered that a couple of potential home buyers are big hikers. Use the Home Junction map to show them where there are great hiking trails nearby.

Does the home buyer own a dog? Point out the nearest dog park and that buyer will practically jump up on the couch and wave their tail in glee. (Yes, people are that passionate about dogs).

Found a couple that love to bike around town? Use the map to show them bike paths and bike lanes nearby.

Cheat sheet said trees are a big plus. Parks have plenty of them. Be sure to point them out. Places photos of the parks on your website. (If you used a WordPress real estate website, this would be very easy to do with their user-friendly platform. Ask Home Junction about this valuable service as well).

All of those park amenities can start to erode away the presence of a not-so-great kitchen. You can always fix a kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyer, but you can’t find too many houses this close to a hiking trail/dog park/bike path.

Stores and Restaurants – researchers have found that properties located close to trendy stores historically sell for higher prices.

Using the real estate map technology, show buyers how that Starbucks is just two blocks away. Or a Whole Foods is just around the corner. Maybe there’s a Trader’s Joe’s about to go up on a vacant lot located here.

Do your potential home buyers like to read? Check out cool clothing stores? Do they have a hobby?

Point out the cute little downtown retail area. Trendy shops. Vintage clothing stores. An independent book store/cafe. A hobby shop nearby.

What if they are foodies? Show them how they are going to love this Zagat-rated new age Italian restaurant right over here. Or, this Asian fusion sushi shop just down the street.

Community Associations – a community association is a big plus for home buyers. It shows that all of the home owners nearby have teamed up together to make their neighborhoods pleasant and well-maintained, you can point this out on the map as well.

In fact, with the map, you can point out all boundaries involved. County and municipal boundaries. School district boundaries. As you know, these boundaries are important in regard to where children can go to school, who will able to use city water and sewer, and also how much people are going to be taxed.

Tell a better story about amenities near any property

Imagine showing a potential seller how you going to present their home in regard to all of these neighborhood amenities.

You can almost see the smile growing on their faces. Be sure to remind them how all of these amenities that you plan to show will also grow the value of their home and in the minds of the buyer.

After all, at the end of the day, the true value of any property is what people are willing to pay for it. Hey Mr. and Mrs. Seller, this is how I’m going to show buyers why they should pay top dollar for your home.

It’s will become very apparent to them very quickly. This broker or agent knows how to package their home in regard to neighborhood amenities. And this particular broker or agent has the most sophisticated real estate map technology embedded on their website to make a very persuasive case, not just verbally, but visually as well.

It’s a fact, neighborhood amenities can boost home prices. It’s also another fact, displaying the latest real estate map technology can boost your value in the minds of sellers.