Home Junction Reaches Milestone Of 1,000 Real Estate Market Data Points To Make Agents A True Hyper-Local Resource

real estate market data milestoneHome Junction has reached an impressive milestone with the ability to gather 1,000 points of local real estate market data that can transform agent websites into a tremendous resource for home buyers

Home Junction’s mission is to help local brokers and agents become the one-stop resource for home buyers and homeowners.

This hyper-local neighborhood and property information doesn’t require storage or servers or even difficult coding.

All brokers and agents need to do is embed a simple data widget that opens the door to a massive amount of in-depth local knowledge that consumers need and want.

Think about it. Hundreds of pieces of information, facts and statistics that are relevant to home buyers.

Detailed school data that parents need and want

That information includes School Data for example.

But it’s not just the name of the school and address.

It’s a deep dive into critical items that every mom and dad want to know.

  • School district boundaries – the school district where a property is located.
  • School attendance zones – the school that little Johnny or Mary would attend if they lived at a particular address (as you know, this is extremely critical to parents because school attendance zones can change like the tide).
  • School enrollment figures
  • School rankings
  • Student/teacher ratios
  • School demographics
  • And much more.

In-depth knowledge of local neighborhoods

Then there’s the property and neighborhood data.

Hundreds of real estate market data points about properties.

  • Parcels
  • Municipal boundaries
  • Tax assessments
  • Tax values
  • Property sales
  • Square footage
  • Age of the properties
  • Flood zone maps
  • Comparables
  • Recent home sales

A deep dive ireal estate data chartsnto every attribute of a neighborhood a person could imagine.

Okay, a broker or agent might say, that’s a lot of data.

But how do I present that data to visitors on my website?

Home Junction can also provide key visuals.

For example, where are home prices going? Up? Down?

A broker or agent can display a chart on their website showing the latest trends in home prices.

They can also show a chart for Recent Home Sales. Are people buying homes in that area? Are sales flat?

How about boundaries? The location of homes in the area for sale?

Powerful visuals.

real estate map plugin

Home Junction’s real estate map plugin.

The kind of real estate data that has a major impact on home buyers and sellers.

For one, it helps them make a decision quicker. If a buyer sees home prices in a market are rising quickly, they better act fast.

If a homeowner sees that homes in their neighborhood are selling like hotcakes, then maybe it’s time to list their home.

And remember, we’re not talking about county-level or city-level real estate market data. Not just zip codes either, where data can range all over the place.

We’re talking about property data that zeroes in on the characteristics of a particular neighborhood or subdivision.

Real estate market data gives agents something to entice prospects

This information also performs another function, a term that marketers call “top of mind.”

When consumers see a real estate agent has this information available on their web site, it establishes that agent in their mind as THE agent with ALL the local knowledge they need to make an informed decision.

This is not an agent just with a pretty logo, a nice photo and home listings.

This is an agent with a gigantic resource of local information that pertains to decisions concerning the largest transaction consumers will conduct in their lives.

Sure, mom is interested in buying a home. But she also wants to know about the local schools.

Where is she going to find that information?

On a  major a real estate portal where she might end up giving her contact information to be sold to another agent?

Or will she find that information on your local website, where she will give YOU her contact information?

Home Junction has also melded ALL those data points into creating a reliable Home Value Estimator Tool, just like the big real estate portal that starts with the letter “Z.”

So when a homeowner starts thinking about listing their property and wants an estimate of “What is my home worth?” where are they going to go?

To that “Z” site on the other side of the country?

Or to your local website where you can also offer a Home Value Estimator Tool for the neighborhoods you are targeting and farming.

And where you can turn that homeowner looking at home values into a lead or follower.

All that real estate data also has tremendous implications for marketing and social media.

An agent can regularly send out posts, “See the latest real estate trends in ‘XYZ” markets” or “Click here for an estimate on what your home is worth!”

Powerful stuff.

In a recent press release issued by Home Junction, Ed Kim, Senior Vice President with the company said, “Our goal is to be able to provide brokers, agents, banks or other businesses with the ability to add this incredible amount of data to their own websites. They can truly become the entity with the most local knowledge.”

He added, “Home buyers want to know this detailed neighborhood information but don’t have the time and resources to find it on their own. Now a local real estate agent has the ability to provide it to them.”

Milestones are exciting. They indicate achievements that have never been accomplished before.

The first telephone call.

Man walking on the moon.

Being able to add hundreds of real estate market data points on a local agent’s website might not seem like that big of a deal.

But for those involved in the business of helping people make one of the BIGGEST DECISIONS in their lives, it is a big deal.

Take advantage of this new innovation in technology and add the power of hyper-local real estate market data to your own website.

You can read the full press release here.