Housing Data API Helps Agents “Segment” Emails For Better Response

email housing data APIA Housing Data API can help brokers and agents get more out of their email campaigns.

Sending out a general email blast is not enough for one key goal involved with email marketing.

That goal is “personalization.”

For all the gimmicks and trends, Instagrams and Tweets, the one online marketing program that still consistently delivers solid results from years ago, even back from the days of those ubiquitous AOL discs, is Email Marketing.

Most real estate brokers and agents know that their email list is golden.

In fact, most marketers in ANY business today know that list is golden.

Email is a super-effective way to communicate with prospects.


Practically for free (depending on volume).

No matter where readers are – at home, in their office or sitting in a Starbucks.

When you think about it, email is an incredible invention.

Problem is, everybody else thinks that way too.

That’s why your inbox is constantly flooded with emails. Some you’re signed up for. Some that show up mysteriously.

Housing Data API gives you an edge

With all those emails coming in to consumers, your email to your prospects needs to stand out.

Sure, there are techniques like A/B split testing for subject lines or experimenting with different days of the week.

But one of the surest techniques is personalization.

Consumers know this is the era of personalization. Netflix sends you movies based on your preferences. Spotify will send you songs based on your preferences.

You really need to do the same with your email campaigns.

Here’s why.

According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, targeted emails generated nearly 60% of all revenue.

Another 36% of revenue came from email sent to specific segments.

This is where you need more than just a gimmicky subject line.

Or real estate data by zip code. You need real estate market data down to the neighborhood or subdivision level.

A Housing Data API (Application Programming Interface) from data aggregators such as Home Junction can help you with that. They gather huge volumes of real estate market data and then have the ability to parse it down to the hyper-local community level.

Here’s what you can do with a feed from a Housing Data API.

Say you are farming Big Splash Golf Community. You have already generated a few listings and sales out of there and have several prospects maybe interested in selling. Then there’s that list of people who want to move in there as well.

Create a separate segment in your email program such as MailChimp or Constant Contact just for that group.

Sure, you can send them New Listing information or Just Sold information.

But what if you have local real estate market data as well?

How about a chart showing people the price trends for that area? Maybe they are moving up. Or prices are flat. Every trend creates opportunity.

Segmentation by community

Take another community – maybe one made up of several streets in the corner of town – Cozy Corner Heights.

With your hyper-local data supplied by a segmented Housing Data API, much more narrow than real estate data by zip code, there’s a wealth of info you can send.

Charts on recent property sales.

Maps using geocodes to show specific home sales.

Neighborhood demographics

School attendance zone changes (most people don’t realize, school zones do change. They are different for different grades. And they can be readjusted based on changes in student population.)

And much more.

Take another scenario. Say you have a bunch of prospects that are currently renting and sitting on the fence waiting to buy a home.

You can send them real estate market data showing them trends in the specific marketplace they are searching in. Again, sales going up? Maybe that will be a catalyst to make a move.

Prices are flat or dropping? Another catalyst.

Any group of prospects can be segmented into separate email lists.

And real estate market data can be sliced and diced into any type of data and parsed out for any particular area.

Be sure you have a source of relevant information for today’s consumer. Look to real estate data experts such as Home Junction who not only have the data, but also the tools to embed that data into your web pages.

“Relevant” is the buzzword of the past 30 years in this era of personalization.

Most brokers and agents spend a lot of time and effort building their email lists. That’s just one step in the process.

Your email marketing campaigns must be relevant to the receiver to get their attention. You not only need to get subscribers to OPEN the email.

You also need a call to action with juicy relevant info to get them to CLICK on Links in that email or CALL.

Make sure you have the right resources available today, such as a Housing Data API with information that is specific to neighborhoods and subdivisions, so you can maximize the response rates to those email campaigns.