Real Estate Data Providers Can Be Critical To Help Meet A Seller’s Time Frame

real estate data providers

Real Estate Data Providers such as Home Junction can supply agents with a tool that addresses one of home seller’s biggest concerns.

And it isn’t price,

According to a recent survey of home sellers by the National Association of Realtors, finding an agent who could help sell their property by an approximate target date is a big factor.

In a survey titled, “What Sellers Most Want from Real Estate Agents, Level of Service Sought From the Agent by the Seller” the third biggest concern of all sellers surveyed was “Help sell the home within the specific time frame.”

(The first concern was, “Help seller market home to potential buyers.” The second one was “Help price home competitively”).

What is interesting is how the people surveyed prioritized their concerns. Twenty percent said Marketing and Price were the No.1 issues.

A very, very close 19% said the Time Frame was the most important. So you can see, getting that house sold within a certain number of months is upmost on the minds of homeowners.

Real estate data providers can accelerate decision-making process

While everybody in the business knows obtaining the best price for your home is always an issue, as they say in marketing, timing is everything.

People don’t want their home languishing on the market for months. They have plans. They have worries about the transition into their next home. Perhaps they are preparing to move to another state.

They could be involved in job relocation. Maybe a family with children need to move in time for the school calendar.

Meeting a seller’s timetable can be an even bigger issue when you have a buyers’ market in your area as most states are experiencing nationwide.

This is where upping your game and working with real estate data providers can help.

To help accelerate the sale, providing compelling information about the property can be critical.

For example, say the listing is a standard 4/3 just like a dozen other 4/3s on the market.

Data is a powerful persuader

With hyper-local real estate market data, an agent can perhaps show:

1. Number of home sales in this particular neighborhood has trended higher than surrounding neighborhoods. Perhaps people are seeing more value in this area than others. Social proof is powerful.

2. Charts indicating that home prices in this neighborhood are trending upward, more than other areas. Again, a powerful signal that this neighborhood is super-desirable.

3. Home valuation data that indicates this particular property is in the upper 20% for square footage compared to other properties nearby. If a buyer wants a bigger house, this is one of them.

4. School data indicating favorable teacher/student ratios and other key information.

5. School attendance zones indicating that children who live in this neighborhood get to enroll at the popular XYZ School.

6. Neighborhood demographics

7. Municipal and tax boundaries

8. Crime ratings

9. Cost of living data

10. Points of interest

Savvy agents will know how to take a wealth of hyper-local information from real estate data providers and apply key attributes to show the advantages of each property.

Potential sellers will love this.

Home buyers will be influenced by this information.

Buyer’s agents will also find this data valuable in working with their clients.

Numbers help people decide, sooner rather than later

For most people, making a decision on the magnitude of a home purchase is a tough one.

They will take their time. Many will procrastinate. Others will struggle with the financing. Or the home inspection that finds minor little issues.

It can be nerve-wracking for all parties.

But it can be particularly nerve-wracking for sellers on a tight time frame.

That’s why offering this super local market information from reliable national real estate data providers can be crucial.

The hard cold facts can overcome the emotional side of the equation.

Yes, Mr. And Mrs. Homebuyer, look at the data. The statistics show this is a very desirable property. Time to make an offer before someone else does.

And time to help my listing client get out of his house in the time frame they desire.

That’s how real estate data providers can provide value for agents and perhaps it’s time to talk to one, like Home Junction, to show homeowners the tools you have to sell their property on their schedule.