Real Estate Plugin Subscription Signup

Perks of Memberships for WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Did you know you can now add an array of exciting WordPress real estate plugins to an agent’s website for one low monthly fee? These plugins can offer an amazing advantage for brokers and agents. The subscription service gives them an array of tools to generate more leads, establish more credibility as THE local resource in their community and market themselves more effectively.

The Success of Membership Models

Let’s talk about the benefits of a subscription model. One of the best examples of this concept is with the most popular photo editing and illustration software companies on the planet – Adobe Photoshop. The company provides an incredible suite of products for graphic artists, photographers, illustrators, etc. Those tools allow users to do amazing number of functions that were unthinkable years ago. And that functionality gets better every year.

As an artist, ad agency, or anybody involved in art or photography projects, it is ideal to be able to use the full range of these various products. But as you can imagine with software this good, the price point can be expensive. So what Adobe decided to do is to offer their suite of products in a low-cost, monthly subscription model. Le magnifique! Suddenly, creative people now have access to a remarkable set of tools. This allows them to create a variety of breath-taking advertisements, photographs, animated clips, and more. The subscription model has opened up new doors and opportunities for the software company’s customers.

WordPress Real Estate Plugins with Different Functions

Now let’s apply that same model to the powerful WordPress real estate plugins offered by Home Junction. And let’s preface that discussion by first framing this model in the way that applies to real estate marketing – because by paying one low monthly fee, an agent can place these data-driven tools on their website.

The end result we’re looking for here is not some enhanced photograph or artwork. We’re talking about generating leads and brand awareness – features that could generate $1 million sales or listings for $750,000 homes. The rewards and potential return on investment are much, much higher. That’s the perspective to have when starting a discussion about these WordPress real estate plugins and the membership model.

Let’s also address implementation and ease of use. WordPress real estate plugins are basically packages of code created that can easily be added as new feature on a website. They are basically widgets you easily plug into your website’s structure. Because Home Junction has decades of experience in the real estate vertical, we know which products agents would love to add to their website. So we created them.

That’s the beauty of WordPress, the No. 1 content management platform in the WORLD. The developers of WordPress made a very smart move early on and opened up their platform to outside developers. That means that companies that specialize in specific industries, such as Home Junction and real estate, can develop an array of products that can be “plugged” into the WordPress system. The open platform resulted in the creation of an estimated 30,000 plugins that are now available. Just like any product, especially software products that you can’t actually hold in your hand, there are good ones and there are bad ones.

With a company such as Home Junction with years of experience developing websites and products for brokers and agents, you can count on us to provide reliable WordPress real estate plugins – products we also back up with excellent customer service. Subscribing to a monthly membership for these plugins gives real estate agents and brokers access to a number of tools to help boost client engagement, improve user experience, and increase leads.

Person Using WordPress Real Estate Plugins on Site

Home Junction Real Estate Plugin Membership Features


Home Value

Talk about a lead generation tool. We all know this widget put one major real estate portal on the map with their computer-generated home value estimates. Now, local brokers and agents can offer the same service. Our home valuation tool, technically known as an automated valuation model or AVM, provides a solid estimate of the value of properties based on a number of factors: recent homes sales, square footage, etc., somewhat similar to a formal CMA.

We also provide a plus or minus range for our estimates. Users can change and update the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. And, we go one step further and provide a snapshot on how a property relates other properties in a neighborhood based on factors such as Price for Square Foot, Age of the Property, Price and Total Square Footage. Homeowners love this tool. Buyers use it to. This Home Value Plugin provides a great opportunity for lead generation. As we said, one call from a million dollar listing or an eager and qualified buyer certainly covers the low subscription rate.

School Data

As we all know, Schools are a major concern for families. Probably one of the Top 5 factors they look at when buying a home. Be the agent who supplies relevant school data on your website. A handy filter lets you determine the distance surrounding a property and the schools within those boundaries. Use this tool to help rank on search engines for when families search for local school data.

Geo Farms

If you are going to be the go-to agent for a particular neighborhood or community, than what’s better than to have a plugin that provides an array of hyper-local information for that neighborhood. There are six tabs of hyper-local data. That data can include Recent Home Sales and Charts on Home Prices or Home Sales. Not for a county or a city or a zip code, but for that specific neighborhood. Very valuable. Very impressive.

New Homes

A large segment of the home-buying population likes to look at new homes as well. Why not offer them that information? Make an arrangement with the local builder. Or, maybe that buyer is turned off by new home prices and is now willing to look at existing home inventory. You certainly want to be a part of the process with this qualified prospect.

Pocket Listings

Another simple widget that allows you to feature properties that have not made it to the MLS yet or you want to use as featured listings. You don’t need to build a section of your website for Pocket Listings, there’s one already available off the shelf.

Agent Roster

This is an effective tool for brokers. Easily add new agents to this page complete with biographical and contact information and off they can go!

User Data

Want to know which prospects are the most active on your website? The ones most likely to make a decision soon? With this WordPress Real Estate Plugin you can see identify which visitors are returning to your website and checking out various listings. That’s obviously a major buying signal. Set up property alerts for them as well. You want to be sure and focus on these individuals and give them all the answers and support they need. These analytics are priceless!


Home Junction has extensive experience working with Multiple Listing Services around the country. As you may know, every MLS has different rules and different requirements for tapping into their data. Don’t fret. Home Junction knows how to work with them. We have IDX’s that can transfer data accurately and quickly with frequent updates. And we can work with the MLS to be sure their specific requirements are satisfied.

As you can see, that’s a highly relevant package of features for brokers and agents to help enhance their websites. Calls to action for lead generation can be added to every one of them. The features and data they supply can also be used for effective, attention-getting traditional, email, and social media campaigns.

These are the type of 21st Century, data-intensive features today’s agents need to use, and should be using to establish themselves as a true resource for their local markets and maximize lead potential. These WordPress real estate plugins, some of the best on the market, are now easily accessible in one affordable monthly membership package.