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The Future of Real Estate After COVID-19

The economy was healthy until a few months ago, but COVID-19 changed that pretty quickly. Over the past few months, some internet- and service-related businesses thrived, while many companies — and even industries — either slowed significantly or came to a complete halt. Sadly, the unemployment rate jumped from 4.4% in March to a staggering […]

What are Flood Zones? A Guide to Flood Zone Designations

Natural disasters that cause flooding, such as Hurricane Harvey that wiped out much of Houston and the gulf coast in 2017 and Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana in 2005, have a significant financial impact on communities, homeowners, and home insurance providers. Hurricane Harvey cost an estimated $125 billion in damages and affected 13 million people. […]

Property Data Offers Key Component for Brokers in Digital Era

Property data providers can help brokers and agents move into the 21st Century as best exemplified by these three quotes. “Data is the sword of the 21st Century.” “Statistics is the science of changing your mind under uncertainty.” “You can have data without information. But you cannot have information without data.” Data today is important. […]

How a Property API can be Used to Create Authority Symbols

A property data API is a quick way to create a persuasive marketing strategy for an agent to establish themselves as an authority in their market area. What do we mean by authority? In his landmark book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” author Dr. Robert Cialdini lists several techniques a person can use to effectively […]

Generational Housing Trends and their Impact on Real Estate

As time goes on, different generations have varying impacts on nearly every aspect of life. From fashion trends to home buying, keeping an eye on how generations make decisions can put you ahead of competition. For housing, millennial presence in the real estate market continues to become more prevalent. Read on to see how generational […]

Fight High Bounce Rates with WordPress Real Estate Sites

WordPress real estate themes can provide new life to an old real estate website, especially when it comes to improving the rate people leave your website. We’re talking about bounce rates. If you look at Google Analytics for any website, there’s a column designated for bounce rates. Bounce rates are basically the percentage and number […]