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Generational Housing Trends and their Impact on Real Estate

As time goes on, different generations have varying impacts on nearly every aspect of life. From fashion trends to home buying, keeping an eye on how generations make decisions can put you ahead of competition. For housing, millennial presence in the real estate market continues to become more prevalent. Read on to see how generational […]

Fight High Bounce Rates with WordPress Real Estate Sites

WordPress real estate themes can provide new life to an old real estate website, especially when it comes to improving the rate people leave your website. We’re talking about bounce rates. If you look at Google Analytics for any website, there’s a column designated for bounce rates. Bounce rates are basically the percentage and number […]

Real Estate Seasonality: How Seasons Affect the Market

It’s well known that the housing market is constantly fluctuating throughout the months and years, but knowing why this happens can be confusing. Whether you’re interested in the best month to sell a house or, equally as important, the worst month to sell a house, it is crucial to understand the forces that cause the […]

5 Ways Real Estate Data Benefits Home Services Companies

From home security to flooring, the home services industry can gain a lot of knowledge from local real estate data. From anticipating future opportunities to identifying the best way to service current customers, home services companies can improve success by using real estate data in their business strategies to stay ahead of competitors. Read on […]

Our 2020 Housing Market Predictions (and Beyond)

The real estate market has been fairly consistent over the last few years, with low inventory in many markets pushing prices higher. High-quality homes that hit the market at a fair price were snapped up almost immediately, and multi-offer situations left sellers in a great position. Will those trends continue into 2020? What is the […]

10 Online Real Estate Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand

For those wanting to stay relevant and visible in their market, having an online presence is crucial. With the majority of the home search process now happening online, setting up a strong digital real estate marketing strategy can help get more eyes on your brand and increase business. Read on to find real estate digital […]

Becoming an Expert on Your Local Real Estate Market

Becoming an expert in your local market can set you apart from everyone else in the world of real estate. Buyers and sellers want to work with someone who is knowledgeable and familiar with the area, and their confidence in your expertise can make or break a deal. Read below to find different ways to […]