Real Estate Map API Helps Agents Highlight Key Amenities

When an agent adds a real estate map search widget to their website, in a way it’s like adding another person to their team to help them increase sales and listings. As a real estate agent once pointed out, you can always change a house, but you can’t change a neighborhood.

Every neighborhood has its high points. Great restaurants. Fun parks. Popular golf courses. Those points of interest can play a major influence on a home buyer’s decision. After all, if you don’t like the paint in a living room, or if the kitchen cabinets look dated, that can be changed. But if the neighborhood has some great amenities, well, an agent can let a home buyer know they certainly don’t want to miss out on them. Time to make an offer on this property. (Conversely, if a homeowner has a property that needs renovations, an agent can point out how those neighborhood amenities can position that home in a better light).

Highlight a Neighborhood with a Real Estate Map API

So as an agent, how well do you sell the neighborhood? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a software program that sold the amenities near a home for you? Home Junction offers one of the best real estate map search widgets on the market developed by our team. We are a real estate technology company with decades of experience in this vertical.

As you know, visuals have an impact. When it comes to amenities, showing those amenities alongside a map will have a major impact on home buyers. And, showing a homeowner how you are going to promote those amenities will certainly go far in convincing them to list with you.

In a recent article in Forbes about how agents sell their neighborhoods, you can see how those agents delighted in specific, unique peculiarities about their area that frankly, only people in tune with the community would know.

One pointed out their favorite bakery and their favorite pastry that is served there. Another pointed out how a convenient subway stop was right around the corner. Then there was the Zagat-rated restaurant down the street. Or, how about the active community center that schedules a bunch of fun events every year for everybody from children to adults.

All of those little details about unique restaurants, stores, fitness centers, community centers, etc. can add tremendous charm to a home. Those amenities add value to a home perhaps in need of repair. Those hotspots help justify a higher than average sales price. Those amenities can also be the item that generates multiple offers. For that reason, you don’t want to take the features of a neighborhood lightly.

Real Estate Map API from Home Junction

The Benefits of Real Estate Map Widgets for Neighborhoods

Add a real estate map search widget tool to your website. These widgets are basically snippets of code that can easily be inserted into any website. The real estate map search widget can then display a map on any page you want. The best part is, an agent can integrate that map with local MLS listings. In that way, an agent can show a home buyer, again visually on a map, all neighborhood amenities in relation to distance to properties for sale. In fact, the real estate map search widget can show polygons that display neighborhood boundaries as well. Let the neighborhood map sell the property for you.

Price Range

Perhaps the buyer was leaning toward one area, but could not find a property in their price range. When you show them other properties in their price range on the map, you can also point out all the amenities nearby. Paint the new properties in a way that mirrors many of the desirable traits of the other neighborhoods they were considering. Sure, ABC neighborhood might be the most popular. But if you look at XYZ neighborhood over here and these properties (on the agent’s website), there is a park within a 5-minute walk, there are two great restaurants just a quick Uber ride away and there is a popular coffee shop right next to the train station.

Shops & Restaurants

Another super convincing way to let your real estate map search widget do the selling is to point out brand names stores and restaurants. As we revealed in earlier articles, most agents know it has been demonstrated that the addition of a Starbucks, or a Whole Foods or similar national brands can boost home values. Even if these companies are not there yet, just the fact they are planning to build there is an indicator that this is an up and coming neighborhood.

Website Updates

We are approaching the year 2020. How modern is your website? Do you offer the latest and greatest tools to display market data and neighborhood amenities? In this age of Instagram, do you have plenty of visual tools that people today prefer? Consumers are swayed by these tools. They will also be attracted to the agents who offer them.

As we can see in the Forbes article, real estate agents love the unique amenities of their neighborhoods. Use a real estate map search widget on your website to help homebuyers fall in love with neighborhoods for the properties you are selling (and show potential sellers how you will use that tool for their benefit as well).