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Using Listing Leader for Customer Preferences & Interests

After a real estate agent sends out an email campaign to prospects, wouldn’t be great if they had a crystal ball into what the recipients were thinking? Now with a program called Listing Leader you can. Listing Leader is not a crystal ball. It’s a software program developed by Home Junction. But that program can provide deep analytics on how your prospects react to an email campaign. Deeper analytics than your standard email statistics.

Let’s start with an overview. As we mentioned in a recent blog, Listing Leader is an automated real estate marketing program. It helps agents follow those important DRIP marketing strategies by automatically sending out email messages to prospects on a regular basis. As you may know, DRIP campaigns are super-effective on big ticket sales where there may be a long lead time.

With those types of sales, like homes sales or listings, it’s critical that a business keep constant top-of-mind awareness with their prospects. This way, when their prospect is ready to make a decision, the business is prevalent in their minds. As we explained, Listing Leader goes one step further in the DRIP process.

The program not only sends out regular emails with listings that a prospect has expressed an interest in, but also with current information supplied by a real estate market data API. That data can include Recent Home Sales, Trends in Home Prices, Inventory Updates, etc.

This constant flow of current market data will help educate prospects about current conditions.  The data can also persuade prospects to act if they see trends moving in their favor (or if they see they need to make a decision now, before they miss out on opportunities). That’s a powerful tool –  one that can send out emails on a scheduled basis for agents and pack that email with powerful, compelling content.

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How to Optimize Email Campaigns with Listing Leader

Listing Leader goes one step further than your classic email campaign. With a regular email campaign, an agent can see the standard data such as how many people opened the email and how many people clicked on links in the email. Perhaps those links go back to a particular listing or an informational page.

However, with Listing Leader, when prospects clicks on those links and starts exploring listings on the agent’s website or microsites created for certain neighborhoods, the program gathers tracking data about those prospects. In this manner, an agent can gain incredible insight into their activity. Say for example, agent Sam uses Listing Leader to send out an email to his prospects. That email contains new listings but also current real estate market data.

Prospect Jane receives the email. She notices in the real estate market data that average home prices are starting to increase in a neighborhood where she has viewed several houses. Jane really wants to move into that neighborhood. The community has great schools. It’s close to Main Street. There is a big park nearby. Jane clicks on links in the email and starts exploring listings and other information. She goes back a few times in one day. She returns every day for a week. Obviously, Jane is a hot prospect. The data shows, she could be ready to make a decision.

Now, an agent might have a hundred prospects in their database. But with all the duties a typical agent has in a day, they obviously can’t reach out to all of their prospects every minute of the day. They need to prioritize. The smart strategy is to focus on those prospects lower in the sales funnel, closer to an actual sale. Listing Leader can help sort those prospects into different stages and help agents focus on the ones who need the most attention and are more likely to close a deal.

As the saying goes: time is money. An agent only has so much time in a day. The more effective agents obviously do a better job of managing their time. You want to be able to maximize your efforts into activities that produce the most revenue. There is no paycheck coming in otherwise.

Listing Leader is a valuable tool that can help agents maximize their time and focus. The program creates emails automatically with listings and adds important and appealing real estate market information. Then, the program’s back-office tracking system helps identifies which readers are more likely to result in an immediate sale – all for a very affordable monthly rate, by the way. Contact us or call 858-777-9533 to find out more information about this powerful, data driven marketing tool and find out how Listing Leader will make your life easier and your sales focus more efficient.