Best Real Estate Podcasts & Blogs to Follow this Year

Real estate agents, brokers, investors, and even home buyers always have room to grow and learn more about the ever changing market of real estate. While there is an abundance of online resources to explore, a great place to start is blogs and podcasts. As we enter into the new year, expand your knowledge of real estate and industry insights by following these real estate blogs and podcasts that provide all of the information you need.

Best Real Estate Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the hottest tech trends of this decade, and their rise in popularity has led to thousands of hours of knowledge available at the tap of a button. Whether you want to brush up on real estate topics during your commute to work or before you go to bed, podcasts are convenient no matter where you are. Read below to find some of the best real estate podcasts you have to follow this year.

Agent Caffeine

You certainly won’t need caffeine to get through listening to this podcast! Agent Caffeine is one of the best real estate podcasts that covers topics on marketing, tech trends, and business for agents. Host Kelly Mitchell is a leading industry expert with over 100 webcasts to help real estate agents and her insights have even been published in a chapter from the book, Real: A Path to Passion, Purpose and Profits In Real Estate.

Bare Naked Agent

Pat Hiben’s impressive resume includes New York Times bestselling author and an expert in anything sales and marketing related. Bare Naked Agent provides the real estate community with a Q&A format that dives deep into the complexities of real estate. Topics include residential properties, sales, and marketing for agents. If Pat’s style and topics are just what you like, consider checking out his other show, Real Estate Rockers, that interviews the rockstars of real estate.

Man and Woman Recording Real Estate Podcasts

BiggerPockets Real Estate

Real estate investment is the name of the game for BiggerPockets podcast. The perk of this podcast is that the hosts, Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin, combine their knowledge of entrepreneurialism, web design, and real estate investment to create episodes that are informative for an audience with a variety of interests.

Kevin and Fred’s Next Level Podcast

The Next Level Podcast offers of nuggets of gold from hosts Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaker, who have decades of experience in the real estate market. Just as the name describes, this podcast features interviews with top performers in the field, as well as all of the tips you need if you’re a real estate agent. 

Caravan Confession

Looking to break up the serious business talk with a little comedy? The Broke Agent host, Eric Simon, has created a podcast that is perfect for real estate agents looking for industry-specific humor. Caravan Confession is full of anecdotal industry tales and client stories that will have you dying of laughter. 

Tech Nest

It’s time to get technical with real estate marketer, Nate Smoyer, in his podcast Tech Nest. Covering all the latest innovations in real estate and property technology, this tech-centric podcast features interviews with trailblazers of the tech space. It also keeps listeners up-to-date on the technologies transforming the way we buy and sell real estate.

Woman Reading Best Real Estate Blogs

Best Real Estate Blogs

If you’re an avid reader, real estate blogs are a great option for you to start learning more about the real estate field. Blogs are often a light, easy read which is great for those quick morning breakfasts before work. They also provide free knowledge, so take advantage by checking out these great real estate blogs below.


It’s time to make a deal on Crowdstreet, one of the largest crowdfunding real estate websites in the market. This blog specializes in commercial real estate and is home to a wide selection of investment properties and equity deals. One of the cool things about it is that it sources deals directly from mediators to clients.

Home Junction

For even more industry insights, check out the Home Junction blog. Home Junction is a real estate data provider that specializes in aggregating key market data for cost-effective and data-centric real estate solutions. A read through their blog posts will inform you of the data and tools that empower agents, brokers, and enterprises to deliver an enriching consumer experience for their clients.


Catch up on all of the latest real estate news by following the real estate blog, Inman. Daily news on Inman covers technology advice, information-based products and services for real estate leaders, technology professionals, and consumers. They also expand on even more topics by including the latest realtor and broker news, as well as important trends to give you a head start in the market.

Man Looking at Blog for Real Estate


Calling all real estate investors, Redfin is your solution to making more informed investment decisions. This blog focuses on data analytics to offer insights for investors in a variety of real estate markets. If data analytics scares you, don’t worry because Redfin breaks it down in a way that is simple and understandable.

Trulia Blog

For those looking for specialized blogs, the Trulia blog might be the one for you. A majority of the articles revolve around identifying emerging real estate markets and unearthing potential investment opportunities, so if these topics excite you, take some time to check out this blog.

Zillow Porchlight 

Zillow is a great real estate blog because of its all-inclusive content that is interesting for every player in the real estate game. Readers can find every topic imaginable. Real estate investing, tips for buying and selling homes, and business expansion for agents are just a few that this blog offers. One other perk of Zillow is that it’s updated on a regular basis to ensure that readers know about current and future market trends.

Overall, there is a wealth of information to be absorbed when it comes to the real estate industry. Thank goodness for technology because the ways in which you can learn all about real estate is endless. From the best real estate podcasts to real estate blogs, you can become an expert conveniently and with intriguing content.