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Why and How to Increase Your Real Estate Website Images

WordPress real estate plugins are the right tool when you need to create relevant website images that home buyers and sellers want to see. What’s the big deal about using a large number of images online? Everything.

Want people to click or like your social posts? Use an image. According to a report by Hubspot, the social behemoth Facebook reported that posts with images see 2.3x MORE ENGAGEMENT than posts without. Want people to share your posts? Twitter found that posts with images receive 150% MORE SHARES than posts without them. Want people to share your blogs? BuzzSumo reported that blogs with an image posted after every 100`words were more likely to be shared. Do online visitors like images? Just take a look at Instagram. A staggering 500 million people look at images on Instagram EVERY DAY.

WordPress Real Estate Plugins Increase Image Opportunities


Are you getting the picture? In the internet age, images are critical. They are just as important as written content and frankly, depending on the medium, more important. (Written content is still very important for search engines, so don’t abandon it).

So, how do you make your marketing efforts more image-oriented? After all, you can’t just run the same picture of the same house over and over and over. You need variety. You not only need variety, you need images that are relevant to want people want, images that grab their attention. Home buyers don’t really want to look at cats playing the piano; they want images that help them in their home search.

And remember, online, the average attention span lasts about three seconds. Below are suggestions for how to use WordPress real estate plugins to vary your images in the 21st century.


Volume and Presentation

When you place an image on one of your social posts, obviously you want to make sure it is striking. Many social sites such as Facebook and Twitter let you post multiple images for one post. But here’s the real test. What happens when a visitor clicks on those images and goes to your website? Are they rewarded with a dull, rather small image (or slide gallery) of the home? Or, are they wowed with a big, wide, beautiful slideshow displaying a bunch of images of the home from every angle and every room?

If your website doesn’t provide that WOW photo factor, you might consider switching to a WordPress Real Estate Theme. Many of these themes are already programmed by developers experienced with the real estate industry. They know what agents need. Their themes can really make your photos pop on a page. If you just want WordPress real estate plugins, there are also dozens of ready-made photo gallery plugins that display big beautiful images for you as well.



People who are subjected to a constant stream of photos all the time, are really going to stop and take notice when they see something different. How about the image of a Data Chart instead? If that chart shows trends for Home Sales in their neighborhood, that’s certainly hits home for owners and is very relevant to them. If a home shopper sees a chart for Pricing Trends in a neighborhood where they want to live, that will certainly appeal to them (and homeowners too). With data WordPress real estate plugins, you can easily add valuable charts to your website.

Real estate data providers have already aggregated this information on a national basis.  They have also reformatted that information so it can appear as a strong visual element on any page you like, in different formats, such as a chart. Obviously, this is super valuable information to both buyers and sellers. And it is valuable information they can absorb quickly. This after all, is the standard for most online content.

A WordPress real estate plugin data chart showing a drop in home prices or a rise in home sales can be all it takes to get those phones to ring. Or for a consumer to fill out a lead form. Or for them to click on your post and visit your website for more information. One simple chart can be very persuasive.



Everyone loves maps. Maps give people a quick overview of any landscape. How one location corresponds to other locations. You can show written addresses all day long, but when you display where a listing is located on a map, a consumer immediately gets a sense of the location. But why stop there? Map-based WordPress real estate plugins can integrate with MLS databases and provide strong visual displays of property locations.

It gets even more powerful. These geo-spatial plugins can also integrate that property location with points of interest. For example, show that $500,000 home with 4 bedrooms for sale on a map, but also show those three great schools nearby that are located within walking distance. Show that home on the map but also point out the interstate entrance ramp just a mile away. Display where that home is located on a map and highlight the three great golf clubs located within a five mile radius.

Now, an agent can certainly tell people about all these points of interest. But studies show, only 10% of that information may be remembered later. However, that same research discovered people retain 65% of what they see. If you display a visual image of that map with that listing surrounded by those country clubs, that is going to make a powerful, lasting impression in a buyers mind. Nearly SEVEN TIMES the impact.

Hopefully by now, you see what we are trying to say. Your prospects are looking for attention-getting imagery. Make some moves and use these WordPress real estate plugins to prepare a bunch of eye-catching and persuasive content for consumers in the 21st century.