Property Data API Can Help Agents Appeal to Retired Buyers

Property Data API Can Help Agents Appeal to Retired Buyers

A property data API will have a significant impact for agents when approaching the retired buyer. While everybody these days is talking about the Millennial home buyer, don’t forget those Baby Boomers. After all, for a while that was the largest demographic segment in the US.

And just like millennials, many Boomers are on the move. They are looking to downsize. Or relocate to smaller markets now that they don’t need to commute to big cities any more. Perhaps they want to move closer to their children, since today’s family is usually split by one child working in this city or state and their siblings located in another state or even on the other side of the country. And maybe these older folks just want a warmer climate.

Sure, agents know the type of home this buyer wants:

  • Smaller square footage
  • Single level homes without stairs
  • Easy to maintain properties
  • Communities with lawn maintenance services
  • Proximity to good hospitals
  • Assisted living and eventually nursing home facilities nearby


Those items are standard for older folks. But according to a recent article in Forbes, there’s more. Baby boomers want amenities that coincide with their lifestyle. That means parks for example. Hiking trails. Places to walk the dog and dog parks. Local gyms. Yoga studios. Health food stores. Even malls where they can walk during months with inclement weather. Another might be golf courses. Private and public courses. 

Seniors are also interested in walkability or short distances to grocery stores, coffee shops, fine restaurants, etc. They also want a sense of community they can participate in. Senior centers. Places where they can learn crafts such as painting or sculpture.

But the truly savvy agent won’t just tell their retired prospects about all the amenities surrounding a property. They will show them. There’s a simple way to do that.

Working with real estate data providers, an agent can add a few snippets of code (Property Data API) to their website that gives them full geo-spatial capabilities. They can integrate MLS listings with a map that displays various points of interest in any community. A picture may be worth a 1000 words. So is a map. Point out a property to prospects on a map on your website and then display on that same map:


  • Local golf courses
  • The restaurants with the early bird specials or happy hours
  • That great sushi restaurant
  • The local gym that caters to seniors
  • The park with the tennis courts or bocce courts
  • The community center
  • And more amenities



That visual will impress buyers. Big time.

There’s more. Be sure to also point out all the amenities that add value to their property, even if they won’t be using them. That could include:

  • Schools
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Major highways


Property Data API Provides Data Specifically for Market Segments 


With a feed from a Property Data API provided by a reputable aggregator, an agent can also display other data that is relevant to the retired home buyer. For example, Neighborhood Demographics. Not city or county demographics. But actual data for a specific neighborhood or subdivision.

Perhaps that neighborhood tends to have a large amount of people 50 and over. That’s a community where older people can easily find new friends with similar interests and feel like they fit in.

Also show ratings for crime statistics. Again, another concern of the elderly. Cost of living for people on a fixed income is a major issue as well. Use your Property Data API to show cost of living indices for such items as food, clothing etc. Maybe Neighborhood C is not a hot market compared to other neighborhoods, but has a much lower cost of living. That would make the area very appealing to retirees.

When you have all this data in your possession, you can also do something that would appeal to this generation more than earlier generations – print it out. Create a nice packet displaying all this information in one handy place that retired buyers can read and examine. Include charts showing trends in Home Sales and Home Prices. Those printed materials are an old school touch many Boomers will appreciate.

Again, rather than telling them, an agent is showing them that they are the agent with true local knowledge…and can tap into that data for the specific concerns of seniors. In this world of hype and fake news, an agent can also send their clients a strong signal that they are an agent Boomers can trust. 

Facts matter.

A property data API that feeds accurate and current hyper-local information to a website, can give an agent an edge in their market. Whether that agent is talking to those active Millennials with a phone glued to their ears, or those newly retired buyers who want information on properties that will make their lives easier.