New Home Construction Data Plugins Open Up New Opportunities For Agents

new home construction data

New Home Construction Data adds more resources to an agent’s website.

It’s wise to add a New Home Construction data plugin to your website for several reasons.

WordPress real estate website experts and data aggregators such as Home Junction provide these valuable plugins that give brokers and agents an added advantage in their marketing strategies.

With New Home Construction data, an agent can add a specific development to their website for the markets they are farming. Or they can build out an entire section of their website devoted to ALL new developments in the area.

That plugin comes with the capability to sort by area, developer or other important criteria.

And the process is very simple. The agent doesn’t need to go out and dig up all this information.

“Big Data” companies such as Home Junction aggregate all New Home Construction Data currently available. Then they filter, sort and organize the information.

All an agent needs to do is add a few snippets of code (a plugin) and in an instant all that information is automatically fed by Home Junction into their website.

It’s that easy.

But the benefits are tenfold.

New Home Construction Data makes agents a better resource

First of all, today more than ever, builders recognize they need to work with Realtors.

According to the National Association of Realtors, in this day and age about 90% of qualified home buyers have relationships with Realtors.

Builders recognize this. If they want to sell homes, they have to play ball with Realtors.

Secondly, NAR research shows that nearly 20% of home buyers will purchase a new home. That’s a big segment of any market.

Third, 35% of home shoppers surveyed said they would be willing to consider purchasing a new home as well as existing properties.

Many people, about 40% of buyers, don’t really want to spend time and money renovating a resale. A new home fits their needs immediately.

Naturally, a Realtor would be smart to establish a relationship with reputable builders and be sure their referral program is very, very clear.

So, we’ve established that a smart builder would be smart to work with a Realtor if they truly want to sell homes.

But there are other advantages for agents to add New Home Construction data to their website.

For one, the presence of this data shows that this agent really does know the areas they are farming.

This establishes the agent in the mind of shoppers as truly a full-service type of agent. Want to find the best home in this market? Well, here are the new developments as well.

Attracts more prospects

Next, for people who prefer buying a new home, which as we indicated is nearly 20% of home buyers, then adding an entire section of New Home Construction on an agent’s website is the honey that will attract them as a lead.

Why ignore this portion of the market? And, as we all know, at the end of the day, someone looking for a new home might be pleasantly surprised to find an existing home that nicely meets their criteria at a price they can afford.

Another advantage of offering New Home Construction data is that buyers can also get a sense of pricing in today’s market. You might show them an existing property they think is overpriced. But when they see comparables in a new development, they might realize that resale is a bargain.

Markets and attitudes change. According to the NAR, builders are now very eager to work with Realtors.

Take advantage of this climate and this easy technology.

A data aggregator can do all the work for you. They will work with you on integrating this information into your website.  On a regular basis, they will also update changes in the marketplace AND keep the information current.

Then when you take a home shopper to a new development, their agents can do all the selling and paperwork.

Attract this type of buyer to your website. Generate referral fees and promote your website as a TOTAL resource for information about ALL Real Estate in your market, including New Home Construction Data.