Real Estate Plugins Offer A Quick Way To Upgrade A Website

real estate plugins

When a broker needs to update their website quickly and boost their agents’ marketing efforts, Real Estate Plugins from a reputable provider can help them make a quantum leap.

Real estate plugins are just what they sound like. Something you can plug into your website.

A plugin is basically a few snippets of code. Code that can be added to any page.

By adding real estate plugins, a broker can instantly make a massive improvement that their team will love.

That’s the easy part.

But finding the right plugins can be trying.

Real estate plugins from the right provider

Because here’s the challenge. On WordPress, the most popular Content Management Platform in the world, there are 30,000 plugins. Obviously, not all of them are specifically coded for real estate.

But many of them could apply to a real estate website such as lead generation forms, mapping tools or photo galleries.

We are going to make this process of finding the right real estate plugins from the right source very, very easy.

Talk to the experts at Home Junction.

The founders of Home Junction have been involved in real estate technology for more than a combined 50 years.

They know the business. They know the concerns of brokers and agents.

What’s also very important, the company specializes in real estate technology. (Unlike other companies that perhaps create dozens of plugins for every industry from chiropractors to insurance salesmen).

Because here’s a key issue. You not only want a plugin that is trouble-free, you also want real estate plugins that are continually upgraded and improved.

The web changes quickly. Software on the web has to keep up. That is one reason why even WordPress, for example, regularly offers upgrades.

But let’s get back to what you can do with those plugins.

Home Junction real estate data plugins

Take the suite of real estate plugins from Home Junction.

IDX – need a better way to tap into that MLS database? Consider an IDX from Home Junction. Our customers constantly rave about the efficiency and the speed of our IDX software. In fact, dashCAMm a company that pulls MLS data into a simple CMA, uses our IDX.

One reason – not all MLS structures and policies are the same. Not only between cities. There could be several different MLSs within a city. All with different formats and requirements.

Recent Sales Data – as you know, this information is a must for every broker. Recent Sales Data including charts showing the direction of any given market adds a whole level of information to any real estate website. Plus, this information is a great draw for email campaigns and social media posts.

Home Values – everybody knows that one way the mega-site that begins with a “Z” broke through to become a leading destination site for buyers and sellers – their home estimation tool. Well, guess what, that technology can now be provided right off the shelf by national data aggregators such as Home Junction. Add a few lines of code to your website, and you are able to provide home value estimates to consumers. Everybody who owns a home wants to know the answer to this question, “What is my home worth?”

Providing this tool creates tremendous branding and lead generation opportunities. People trust their local brokers in their neighborhoods more than some far away mega-portal. Now offer the same tools so local residents can find all their answers from a local resource.

Geo-Farms – as we all know, all business is local. Make that hyper-local. Brokers need hyper-local information by neighborhood, not just city or zip code, to truly establish their firm as the local resource. Agents will appreciate that hyper-local data for the specific neighborhoods they are farming. Brokers will truly empower their team members with this data.

New Homes – a big percentage of any home buying segment out there is willing to look at new homes as well as existing properties. You don’t want them going off and finding these new homes on their own. Provide that information for home buyers as well and offer to help them.

Pocket Listings – this is another important segment of any market. Offer a section on your website with this handy plugin.

As we all know, things move fast today. One year we’re talking about hybrid cars, the next it’s electric cars and now cars that drive themselves.

Same with real estate tools.

Savvy brokers can see there are ways to adapt technology quickly such as installing real estate plugins to keep their websites upgraded and stay ahead of the rest of the pack in their markets.