WordPress Real Estate Themed Websites Are Made To Fix Listing Photos Fast

wordpress real estate themed websites photos

Listing photographs sometimes don’t come out as planned and WordPress real estate themed websites are the best format for not only displaying photos but quickly CHANGING them as well.

Let’s face it, taking photographs has made a quantum leap for consumers and business people.

These days a high megapixel iPhone or smartphone in your pocket can produce crisp, colorful high-quality photographs. Those images can be presented to consumers in mere seconds. There is no film to develop. No prints to order. It’s all instantaneous.

Incredible editing tools make it easy to fix even the crummiest photo in seconds. You can crop a photo, adjust the exposure, add contrast and saturate the colors.

A savvy real estate agent who takes a little bit of time to practice their photo skills and learn how to edit photos can become quite a decent photographer (of course, nothing beats a pro. Those smartphones and iPhones can only do so much and when it comes to illuminating a living room, pros still have the know-how and the lighting tools to make those photos pop).

That’s the good news.

Horrible real estate photographs happen

Then there’s bad news.

Some agents, for whatever reason, think because they have a camera in their pocket they can just snap a quick photo without any thought to composition, clutter or clarity.

In fact, there are websites out there devoted to showing really bad real estate photos. Pictures with weird toilets, homeowners asleep in their beds, pets sprawled out in the middle of the floor and rooms that have more clutter than the local landfill.

Those sites include:

Shooting a good photograph does take a time and effort. Sitting in a car and sticking an iPhone out of the window probably won’t produce an image that grabs a buyer.

Or taking photos of homes that aren’t ready to be photographed – for example, kitty litter trays in the living room, aren’t going to turn on buyers either.

Most agents know how to do shoot real estate photos. They know to make those counters clean, remove all knick-knacks, open up all the windows to let in natural light.

They also know to turn off the TVs, remove the remotes from the coffee table, get those toys out of the living room, remove old rugs, get the cars out of the driveway, take the magnets off the refrigerator door, etc., etc.

That’s only part of the checklist every agent should adhere to. There’s more. Much more.

WordPress real estate themed websites are perfect for updates

Which is one of the key points of using WordPress real estate themed websites as opposed to other platforms.

WordPress real estate themed websites can make the process of uploading images a whole lot easier. Web design companies such as Home Junction can set up a broker or agent with ready-to-go, easy-to-use WordPress website in a short period of time.

Here are a few reasons why this is the smart choice when it comes to real estate photographs:

  1. Loading photos – WordPress is the No. 1 content management platform in the world. It’s not designed for coders and programmers. It’s designed for the average person. The whole concept behind the site is to make adding content an easy task, not a week-long ordeal.

It’s very easy to add photographs to a WordPress real estate themed website. You upload the photo to the Media Gallery. Add a caption. Insert some tags. Adjust the photo to the size you want. Add a link to another page. Then insert the image onto the page and hit the “Publish” button. It’s now live.

  1. Changing photographs – here’s one of the unwritten truths about photography. After you shoot a bunch of photographs at the property, go back to your office and load the photographs onto your website, you realize then the photo could be better. Much better.

It might be the angle. Or it might be the lighting. Perhaps the home was well lit and then the sun snuck behind some clouds for one key image. Maybe you missed an important feature in the kitchen. Perhaps a cat snuck into the frame at the last second and his eyes are lit up like a beast from outer space.

Whatever. You know the photo could be better. You know the buyer won’t be impressed. And you know the seller will not be happy.

No problem. Go back and shoot the photo over again. Come back to your office, open up the Media Gallery in your WordPress real estate themed website, delete the old photo and add the new one.

No big deal. You don’t need to wait for the company IT person to load the photograph. You don’t need to know HTML coding to load an image. It’s simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Updating photographs – the flexibility that comes with WordPress real estate themed websites is also great for adding more up-to-date and current photographs.

Perhaps, a home is listed in January when there is a foot of snow on the ground. Now its May. The snow is gone, the grass is green and the property looks more appealing.  Maybe the owner upgraded the kitchen cabinets. Or perhaps it was time to stage the home with different furniture. Or, the owner finally got around to painting the living room with a fresh new look.

Shoot the photo and quickly update the listing on your WordPress real estate website.

  1. Increase the number of photographs – the great thing about iPhones, smartphones and digital cameras today is that the number of photos you can take is almost limitless (although it is amazing how you can have accumulate 5,000 photographs on your phone in no time).

Nevertheless, it’s certainly better than shooting a roll of 35mm Kodak film that is limited to just 24 photos.

However, consumers also know this is the age of digital photography. They expect to see numerous photographs of a property, not just the front, back, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. They want to see multiple angles of the front, back, and side yards. They want to see dozens of photographs of the interior.

With WordPress real estate themed websites, this chore is much easier. In fact, there are many plugins available for WordPress that provide off-the-shelf photo galleries that display those images in a big, bright format that is easy to browse.

Studies show that more than 60% of consumers report they just study the photographs for a listing and pretty much totally ignore the text.

In other words, those photographs are your sales tools. They will sell the home. They will make the owner happy as well.

Are you getting the big picture here? WordPress real estate themed websites are the best in the business for changing and updating photographs and providing formats that make those listings pop with beautiful images.