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The Benefits Of Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing & SpatialMatch

The popular real estate technology web site, Inman News, recently posted an article by columnist Bernice Ross touting SpatialMatch and the importance of hyperlocalism.

Bernice is no neophyte to the real estate profession. She has more than 30 years experience, is a Certified Master Coach, and is the author of two books. Including her latest one  — Real Estate Dough: Your Recipe for Real Estate Success.

When it comes to marketing an entire lifestyle, rather than just a home, Bernice sees the pixels on the digital wall.

“To achieve market dominance, you must be more than just an expert on the local real estate market,” she says. “You must also become an expert on the local lifestyle.”

Bernice points out that the needs of homebuyers extend beyond the property. Families want the best-rated schools, singles want the coolest places to hang out, and retirees want the greenest golf courses. This is where hyperlocalism comes into play.

She points out that by using the new SpatialMatch visual search technology, this tool will help relocation clients who must decide on a home from afar and even better, it will reduce the number of houses an agent must show.

“To take advantage of this new breed of search, you must start thinking about including more than just the details of the property you are listing. You must also include as many lifestyle factors as possible in your descriptions,” she writes.

John Perkins, CEO of Home Junction Inc., which developed SpatialMatch, adds, “We believe Ms. Ross truly understands our approach to real estate and she obviously sees the importance of not only selling a home, but selling the entire neighborhood and beyond. Consumers use search technology every day. They will be impressed by a real estate agent who can use our advanced platform to not only show them a house, but also show them how the property meets their lifestyle needs.”

Bernice was nice enough to sum things up in a bottom line: “The more hyperlocal lifestyle information you give, the more leads you will generate and the more transactions you will close.”

Nailed it. You can find the Inman article about SpatialMatch and hyperlocalism here and you can read Bernice’s blog about luxury real estate at