Real Estate Search Tool

Learn More About Home Junction’s Groundbreaking Real Estate Search Tool

After two years of intense development implementing hundreds of millions of hyperlocal search data, Home Junction Inc. has released the beta version of its SpatialMatch platform.

To put it simply, SpatialMatch is a geo-spatial neighborhood and real estate search tool that incorporates everything a real estate agent needs to help home buyers find the home that best matches their lifestyle.

“We’re excited to bring this sophisticated new real estate search tool to the Realtor community” said VP and co-founder Grant Gould.  “Our technology will help agents and brokers level the playing field in what has become a highly competitive real estate information-oriented landscape.”

The database powering the platform is enormous. As an example of just a few of the data layers, the database contains more than 60 million properties, 12 million businesses, and 130,000 schools with detailed information for each. Also included are boundaries for school districts, neighborhoods, cities, counties and even property parcels.  All of these items are displayed with an interactive array of color-coded “dots,” proximity circles, and distance sliders. The search takes place in real-time and thousands of data bits are simultaneously displayed according to the requests of the user.

A powerful feature of this software is that because the data layers can be interrogated simultaneously, it eliminates the need for users to take manual notes and then do a manual comparison. Your potential customers can instead actually overlay the features they are researching on a map all at one time, including things like desired distances from work, school, or any custom location to create a comprehensive visual display of all the information they need to make more informed decisions. They can save that data for future reference which includes applying the same ‘filter’ sets to any neighborhood, zip, county, city, or state in the USA.

There is also a free Home Value Report (AVM) generator that provides a value range that leads your users to request a full report, with comparable home sales, resulting in you getting a quality lead. This is just one of the many new value added reasons your website visitors will want to give you their personal contact information.

We recommend you watch the brief “Getting Started” introductory video. It’s a helpful guide on how to use the various real estate search tools and the apps including Lifestyle, Homes, Value and Decks.

Since this is a beta version, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. In the upcoming months, we will be releasing additional enhancements such as MLS listings, New Construction home search, and many new user experience features like notifications, alerts, share, analytical data, and more.

When asked about the motivation for creating SpatialMatch, CEO and co-founder John Perkins says: “There are three reasons. First of all, today’s consumers demand more and more information prior to making a home purchase.  SpatialMatch delivers that in a big way and we have designed it to be complimentary to the way that agents and brokers run their businesses.  Next, in this ‘age of information,’ consumers will want to do business with and will be impressed by a real estate expert who has the most hyperlocal and relevant information for that consumer.  Finally, and most importantly, SpatialMatch will help home buyers make decisions faster and help agents sell homes quicker. We believe this real estate search tool is a must-have for real estate agents, brokers, and consumers.”

Take SpatialMatch for a test drive. Tell us what you think. After years of hard work by a dedicated group of programming and real estate professionals, we’re excited about the debut of our new platform. Come back often as the platform and underlying databases evolve. We hope your share in our enthusiasm!