Real Estate Buzz

How to Create Real Estate Buzz

People who take the time to research products online are not only a great segment of the market because they tend to buy big-ticket items at a higher rate than other adults, but they also like to talk about it.

According to BIGresearch, about half (47%) will give advice to others on what they found, compared to 29.4% of all adults who might tell others.

“Consumers who research products online appear to be more knowledgeable and eager to share information,” said Gary Drenik, of BIGresearch. “Because they are likely to tell a friend about their experience, they become a building block for viral marketing efforts.”

What does this mean for real estate brokers and agents?

In a word: “buzz.”

The basic definition of buzz is “getting people to talk about your business.”

So, as a real estate agent,  if you are going to create real estate buzz” you basically have to give somebody something to talk about.

Imagine if you owned the only real estate website in your market that featured a lifestyle search engine tool with 104 layers of hyperlocal neighborhood data, all laid out in a really innovative way on a map.

Not only would your customers be able to look at this information, they could also determine how far away each business, school, park, golf course, recreational facility, movie theater, library, etc. was located from the home they were considering.

That amount of information is like a treasure chest to online researchers and a magnet to a valuable audience, and it’s a great way to create real estate buzz.

According to BIGresearch, these are the types of consumers you want coming to your site: they average 43.2 years of age, have a higher average household income than adults in general and more of them hold a professional/managerial position. And they buy big things, such as homes.

SpatialMatch provides a user-friendly neighborhood lifestyle search engine tool that you can easily add to your website. It contains billions of bits of local information that is very easy for home buyers to sort with color-coded controls, simple distance sliders, and “save” functionality.

You can imagine how avid online researchers would love to play with this technology.

It’s the kind of technology that will garner real estate buzz and get people talking.