Lifestyle Search Data

Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads With Lifestyle Search Data

On the Internet, if you want to get something, you’ve got to give something.

It’s old fashioned Internet behavior to expect one to fill out a contact form before he or she can even see what you have to offer.

Real estate marketing is no different.

It’s ironic that more than 80% of home buyers start their search for a home on the web, yet most real estate sites offer users very little or at times nothing in return for their contact information.

SpatialMatch, however, gives agents and brokers a very effective lifestyle search data tool to capture leads. Using our map-based IDX and Lifestyle search technology, they can provide a valuable incentive for home buyers to provide their contact information.

What’s the hook for users? A neighborhood of their dreams that meets all their needs.

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to find the right home. There are soooo many other variables besides the house:

How close will I be to schools? What’s the quality of the schools? What about when my child advances to the next level of school, where will it be located? What about things to do? Will I have to drive four miles to get a decent cup of coffee? My parents are elderly. Where’s the nearest hospital? Retirement homes?

When you, as a broker or agent, have SpatialMatch on your site, you provide a resource where a potential client can find all of these answers and more with our 100-plus layers of billions of bits of neighborhood/lifestyle search data in a very cool, easy-to-use format.

In that case, you have established a “fair exchange” proposition. An agent can give a user all of this information for free. But if they want to save their search, lifestyle settings or dig deeper into the site, the agent can ask at that time for contact information in a simple registration form.

“To generate real estate leads in today’s environment, you must offer something of value that is personally relevant to encourage visitors to share their information with you on the web,” says John Perkins, CEO of Home Junction Inc., creators of SpatialMatch. “What can be more valuable than helping them find the ideal place to live in an area where they will probably spend the next several years of their lives?”

It’s get even better. There’s the quality of the lead as well. You can offer someone a lollipop or a chance to win an iPad and many will give up their contact information. But what is the value of that lead?

In the case of SpatialMatch, this lead is coming from a person who is actively researching where to move. They are digging deep the find all the information they need. They are ready to buy a home, sooner rather than later!

The parameters are customizable. What’s important in your area? Is school quality important? You might want to set a limit on the number of searches for schools in the school application before you require their contact information.

Is your market filled with young, single professionals? Maybe you want to set the limit on clicks for restaurants. Or heck, maybe you want to include limits on school and restaurant searches and a bunch of other lifestyle amenities. We leave that up to you.

With SpatialMatch, you can customize the number of “clicks” or “views” your users can see prior to a forced registration being required.  Or, you can let them “continue as a guest.”

Internet marketing experts will tell you, always offer some type of free gift on your lead capture page as an incentive to get people to fill out the form.

But when you offer home buyers something of real quality such as lifestyle search data, then you are going to receive quality leads in return. And you can take that to the bank.

(See an example of the SpatialMatch registration form below. For a demo, go here).

Example of the SpatialMatch registration form