HyperLocal Real Estate Data Can Help Generate Positive Reviews

Used to be, if you were looking for a plumber or a dentist or a hair stylist, you asked your friends and neighbors who they would recommend.

Nowadays, that whole process is automated by online reviews.

And wow, can they ever be crucial to a real estate broker or agent’s success.

That is why it is smart to do everything you can to generate a positive review, making sure your website is not a dull brochure but a major resource for home buyers. And you can do that easily by adding niche, hyper-local real estate data via real estate data providers such as Home Junction.

Here’s the reality: It is estimated that 85% of people will go online to find reviews of local businesses before they decide who to call. They will go to Google Places, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. to look up who you are and what people have to say about you.

In today’s cluttered and rushed environment, imagine what a profound effect just a few quotes from a few customers can have on your career, your income, and your future.

That is why brokers and agents should do everything they can to not only deliver the best service they can provide, but to also encourage their clients to write a positive review for them.

One strategy for achieving this that is very simple to do is making sure your website is chock full of local real estate data that is important to home buyers.

Sure, you will have your pretty pictures of listings, and your details about the home, but nowadays, everybody has that information.

But what if you also displayed thousands of bits of niche, local real estate data and information that is important to any home buyer in addition to the property itself.

Take schools for example:

While mom is looking at houses, in the back of her mind she is also thinking about schools. It’s a mental battle. You find her a home she loves. Now she’s concerned the schools are not up to par. Maybe she heard an offhand comment from someone.

With hyper-local school data on your site, you can help her with that decision. Show her a breakdown in enrollment by class, by the student/teacher ratios. Heck, even give her the name of the school principal, the school phone number or website.

Perhaps the husband loves the home but is concerned about price. He thinks he can find something cheaper in another part of town.

Again, with hyper-local Market Trend data embedded on your site, you can show him right then and there that home prices in this area are trending upward. So now is the right time to grab this price, and when it goes higher, the husband will certainly be much happier.

It’s not easy to generate reviews. As you know, studies show most people will act when they have a complaint and will tell their friends. But few will actually take time to write a note of thanks or a recommendation.

Ask your clients for reviews. Remind them of some of the solutions you were able to provide for them, including this wealth of hyper-local real estate data.

It may take a consumer a few moments to write a few comments. But those comments can mean a lifetime of difference for your real estate business.

Get the right data and tools on your site to foster those positive reviews. It’s crucial. It’s the new word-of-mouth marketing.

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