Real Estate Market Data

Real Estate Market Data Can Boost the First Impression of Agent Websites

You know how it goes. You get a new listing and emphasize to the seller how important it is to make a good first impression. But what about taking your own advice and making sure your website makes an attention-grabbing first impression? Real estate data can help you do that.

According to web designers, there are certain key elements that you must have on your web site to capture the interest of visitors. After all, research shows the average person will spend less than 15 seconds reviewing a website. Poof, then they are gone and so is all that potential. A lost opportunity to perhaps sell a sizable home. Or gain a great referral. Vanished.

Of course there are basic items that should be on your checklist—page load time, for example. If your site is too slow, that’s a sure way to lose visitors.

Another factor is the appearance. Is the site pleasant on the eyes?  Or are there too many garish colors or images that make it difficult to look at?

How about pop-ups? Is there an annoying pop-up screen blocking a view or does the pop-up offer a visitor something in return for their email address?

What about navigation? Is everything easy to find? Can they easily search for homes in their area? Find out information about you? Find other resources that every home buyer needs?

Which leads us to this point about real estate data. One of the key questions that needs to be answered when a person visits a website is what is the “value proposition” that this site offers.

A visitor is asking, “Does this real estate broker or agent offer the answers to my questions? The solutions that I need to help me make this nerve-wracking, scary decision to buy a $250,000 home or a $2.5 million home?”

In essence, what a home buyer is seeking is more than just pretty pictures of homes and yards. They need data. Valuable real estate data about recent home sales in the area. Information about trends in home prices. What about the cost of living index in this market? Is it super expensive? Or reasonable and something I can live with?

What about schools? Where are the closest schools? What’s the student/teacher ratio? How many students are enrolled? Etc. Etc. Etc.

Providing this data adds tremendous value to your “value proposition.” Real estate data on your website can create this impression:

  • This real estate agent has ALL the information I need, not just home listings.
  • This broker obviously goes the extra mile for their clients by providing this valuable real estate data.
  • This real estate agent or broker is obviously a pro because they know there’s more to buying a home than just photos of living rooms and kitchens.

You can also extend that power of your real estate data by supplying tidbits on posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Finally, and this is a key consideration, providing detailed real estate data also tells a consumer, “This is an agent I can trust to help me with this major transaction.”

Sure, some people might think data is just a bunch of boring numbers. But it’s more than that. It’s how that information influences someone’s perception of you. It creates the image in their minds, in those 15 seconds, that this website is obviously a valuable resource.

With advances in big data today, it’s amazing the amount of hyper-local information a broker or agent can provide on their website with a few lines of code. Data that will be a differentiator in any marketplace crowded with other brokers and agents. Data that could mean the difference between losing a customer or gaining a new client; a sizable commission check and a precious referral.

True, it’s important that a seller clean up the yard, paint the front door, shampoo the carpets and complete a huge list of other projects required to create a great first impression. But when it comes to real estate data, adding this resource to a website is actually a very easy and simple project.

Call Home Junction to find how you can use real estate data to boost that first impression for yourself.