Real Estate WordPress Websites Help Maximize Those Precious Share Buttons

real estate wordpress websitesSuccess is in the little details and that’s why real estate WordPress websites can easily help you maximize every little detail of your website.

Take social share buttons for example.

Those are the little icons that go at the bottom (or top) of a web page and encourage people to share or like the content on that page.

Seems like a simple matter at first.

But for a real estate broker or agent, these buttons can be extremely important. And that’s another reason why using a WordPress real estate WordPress website, developed by WordPress experts such as Home Junction, are incredibly important.

Here’s why.

Those social buttons are ubiquitous. They are everywhere on the web. Too many people take them for granted.

Their value depends on who is posting the content that is hoped to be shared.

For a mom who writes a blog about a recipe for pecan apple pie, someone hitting one of those buttons and sharing the recipe can be kind of fun. Gives that mom a satisfying feeling that someone cared enough about her recipe that they decided to share it with their friends.

That’s nice.

Real estate WordPress websites make it easy to optimize

Now, take a page of content on a real estate website.

Using a real estate WordPress website, an agent can easily post a chart about real estate data on their website about recent home sale trends in a particular neighborhood. The data shows property sales are heating up.

The agent posts information about that chart (with a link back to their website) on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

The post catches the attention of several people. They visit the site.

A few of those people like the information so much, they decide to hit the share and like buttons at the bottom of the page. The chart now appears on their Facebook page and is seen by all of their friends (on average there are about 155 friends per Facebook user).

One or two of their friends are interested in that chart. One of them lives in that neighborhood and is thinking of selling their home. They contact the agent who posted the chart.

Another Facebook user knows someone who has thought about moving to that neighborhood. They share the chart with that friend. That person views the chart and contacts that agent about purchasing a property in that neighborhood.

Here’s an important point most people don’t realize. Humans like to share.

According to research:

– 49% of people say they share to inform people about things they care about and to encourage some sort of action

– 78% share because it helps them stay connected to other people

– 68% say they share information because it gives them a better sense about themselves and what is important to them

– 69% share information because it gives them a sense of involvement

As anyone can see, there’s a big difference between a mom sharing pie recipes and people sharing real estate market trends that result in hot leads and contacts for an agent.

A gigantic difference.

Constantly test position of buttons to increase shares

So why just take those social media shares and like buttons for granted?

Optimize them.

And one of the best ways to optimize anything on the web is with the leading web platform in the webiverse – real estate WordPress websites.

WordPress has a super easy back-end for brokers and agents to manage.

In fact, WordPress was first created to be the easiest platform for people to start a simple blog.

The superior coding caught on so well, that the developers of WordPress decided to offer it to business people as a way to build out a full website as well.

That decision resulted in WordPress becoming the leading web platform in the world.

Many brokers and agents might think, “Well, I have a website now, that shows my listings and descriptions, why change?”

Let’s go back to those little social share buttons.

With WordPress real estate websites set up by Home Junction, a broker or agent has the ability to easily experiment with the placement of those buttons.

For some content, place them at the bottom of the article.

For other content, place the buttons at the top of the content.

Place the buttons at the top and bottom.

Experiment with the look of the social share buttons. (Most plugins for social share buttons offer several variations to choose from).

Add more social share buttons for social media sites like Tumblr.

Delete some of the social share buttons if you just want to focus on say Facebook and Instagram.

Add an email share button for someone to send that content by their personal email to a friend, or even to themselves as a reminder to read later.

Like any marketing program, monitor the progress. Measure the number of shares and likes (they are counted).

Did your chart on Property Sales in My Target Neighborhood generate five shares one month? But the next month when you posted the new chart on Property Sales and you moved the social share buttons to the top of the page, you generated 12 shares on Facebook.

Here’s the point of owning real estate WordPress websites.

All this moving around is easy to do. You don’t need to hire a coder to rewrite the HTML code on your page to make the change. You don’t need to wait two weeks for that coder to find the time to make the change. You don’t need to wait for your web developer to return your phone call a week later.

A broker or agent can experiment with these changes on their own.

People like to share photos and information with friends and family. They like to help out people they know.

Researchers report that psychologically when web users share something important, it gives them a positive feeling. They get a warm buzz from being a helpful resource for their friends or family. In their mind, it elevates their status in the minds of their acquaintances. That’s their emotional reward. And they relish that feeling.

And as we pointed out, unlike the mom’s recipe for apple pie, one move that generates more social shares that reach out on the web could result in a buyer for a $550,000 home with three beds and three-car garage or a listing for a $750,000 home on WeWantToBeThere golf community.

Any successful business person will admit, it’s the attention to the little details that make a big difference.

Fortunately for brokers and agents, those little details can result in a big payoff.

Get a WordPress real estate website that helps you maximize those little details.