This Number Shows Why WordPress Real Estate Agent Websites Are The Right Choice

wordpress real estate websites

Want to hear a number that should make brokers and agents think about using WordPress real estate websites?

There are more than 1.1 MILLION new registered domains made every SIX MONTHS using WordPress. This platform must be doing something right when it comes to convenience and effectiveness to get that volume of usage.

As a budding star in the real estate business, you know that one of the first things you’re going to need is a slick, modern, and easy to navigate website that is simple to maintain and meets all of your clients’ needs for information.

There are dozens and dozens of website building platforms on the Internet. So it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices out there.

We’ll make it easy for you: here’s why we think you’ll agree that WordPress is the best website building platform for real estate agents.

WordPress real estate websites for agents are user-friendly

WordPress is a versatile and highly customizable platform built with advanced and constantly updated coding.

However, it can also be simple enough for anyone with basic computer skills to learn. Even if you hire a web developer to create the actual site for you, you still need to be able to log on to the platform and make changes and updates as needed, without having to ask for help.

Companies such as Home Junction provide ready-to-go, attractive real estate themes  so you don’t need to know coding to select an theme that works for your brand. (Anyone will tell you, if you create a custom theme from scratch, expect a long process that could be costly. Why bother? There are off-the-shelf WordPress real estate themes that provide all the relevant functionality an agent would need).

Pre-made themes allow you to have total control over the look of your website, and you can even switch to a new one if you get tired of the one you start out with.

This platform also boasts fast loading times, which increases the number of potential clients that stay on your site instead of clicking away.

This point is very, very important. One of the major factors that search engines such as Google and Bing use to determine rankings for search is site speed. If your real estate website is slow, the search engines see this as a negative user experience and will not reward your site with high rankings. Period.

Plus a pre-existing WordPress real estate theme should be designed to look great on every device from a desktop to a tablet to a smartphone.

That is a second, very, very important point. Google and Bing also know that most people use their mobile devices to search. Your site might look great on your laptop, but if it is all weird and jumbled on a mobile device, that will hurt rankings as well.

We are not just talking an iPhone 8 either. We’re are talking about ALL mobile devices and their various operation systems – iPhones, Androids, tablets. etc.

Although using a WordPress theme is fairly intuitive for anyone with basic skills, should you need any help along the way they offer a huge support system.

There are blogs, forums, and video tutorials that can help.

However, as most people know. Nothing on the web is as easy as it sounds.

As a broker or agent, do you want to spend your time selling homes or trying to figure out how to fix your website? If you use a company that develops WordPress real estate websites such as Home Junction, you will have the support you need.

WordPress is well-known with enormous market share

Tried-and-true is always a good way to go, especially if you’re not completely familiar with an industry.

A whopping 30%  of the Internet’s nearly two billion websites are hosted on the WordPress platform, and for good reason.

WordPress used to be known as one of the places to be to set up a blog and send your thoughts out into the void while running some flashy ads.

However, in recent years the site has made quite a household name of itself when it comes to choices for website development platforms.

From personal blogs to local businesses all the way up to huge globally known names like BBC, Harvard, and Mercedes-Benz, many of the websites you visit are built using WordPress.

The platform supports any type of site, from an eCommerce store, to a new social media outlet, to a local directory, to anything else you can dream up.

In the content management systems industry, WordPress is a juggernaut with a 60% market share.

They are great for any type of website, but especially for those using pre-existing content managing systems. Joomla, a competitor, comes in second with just 6.8% of market share: a stark difference.

Nothing does SEO like WordPress

Search engine optimization (SEO), is ultimately the whole point of having a website. When a potential client Googles “real estate firm in my town,” you want your site to come up on the first page – and ideally, in the first result!

Having your website optimized with search keywords and other tools will increase its standing with Google and other search engines.

Not all web development platforms are created equal when it comes to SEO. WordPress is a recognized leader in this regard and its founders specifically wrote the code to be search-engine friendly.

WordPress is also known for its staggering number of available plugins – 44,000 at last count.

These are types of software that can be installed onto your site to make it even more multi-functional.

There are plugins such as Yoast or All in One which help you optimize your website for search engines, and even analyze all of your content to give you suggestions on what to improve for better results.

Tools like this will help your WordPress website rise through the ranks and make it to the first page.

Then there are a large number of specific WordPress real estate plugins, many offered by Home Junction as well. You can use these real estate WordPress plugins to add School Data, Recent Home Sales and a Home Valuation tool to name a few.

These real estate plugins can make your website a powerful LOCAL resource for buyers. You can now compete on the same level as the big mega-real estate portals. But in this case, you keep all the leads. For free.

Numbers don’t lie. When you go with a widely-known content management system that is multi-functional, SEO-friendly, easy to navigate with a full package of real estate functionality already built in, it’s hard to go wrong.