Property Data Will Help You Add This Powerful Question To Your Real Estate Sales Script

real estate sale scripts muscleHere are some ideas on how to use hyper-local, property data to add real muscle to your real estate sales scripts.

The danger with any sales script today is that it can sound too much like a sales script.

Most consumers have already been hammered ad nauseam with the same old sales pitches from all types of businesses. Go visit a car dealer and you can almost tell them the questions they are going to ask before they ask them.

“Are you ready to buy a car today?”

“How much do you want to pay each month?”

“What do you think your trade-in is worth?”

Blah, blah, blah. Boring, boring, boring.

Don’t get us wrong. Preparing a real estate sales script is essential and certainly has tremendous value. Being prepared is always a smart approach.

You want to be ready to say the right thing to capture the interest of buyers and sellers and you want to come across as a pro who has done their homework and has extensive experience in this field.

But you have to watch out you don’t sound like you are reading from a script. Or appear as though your questioning is insincere and robotic.

Obviously, an agent has to ask preliminary questions. But you want to make sure you ask them with sincerity and personalization, not like you are reading a page in front of you.

One of the challenges for real estate professionals is how do you make your sales script sound different than the others?

How do you immediately grab the interest of a buyer or seller?

Property data helps you pose this important question

There’s an answer to this challenge.

Try this one question: “How much do you know about local market conditions?”

This query is almost like a question posed by a lawyer on a TV courtroom drama – you already know the answer.

The answer is most likely the buyer or seller has little or no idea what is going on in the market right now.

Even though they might have heard a thing or two, or perhaps read an article, chances are they don’t have many facts or an in-depth analysis of what is going on in their neighborhood or one they hope to move into.

This is your opening.

What will be your approach to this opportunity?

Hyper-local property data from national data providers such as Home Junction can make a world of difference in how you walk through that opening.

An average agent might say, “Yea, market conditions in your neighborhood are just peachy. Homes are selling like hotcakes.”


But a savvy agent can utilize a gigantic feed of hyper-local property data on their website and say, “I have an in-depth, complete database of information about particular neighborhoods and subdivisions in XYX county. I will be glad to pull an extensive report and provide it to you on the areas you are interested in (or for the home you are currently living in and might want to sell).”

In that report, you can include all of that critical hyper-local property data that Home Junction provides:

  • Recent home sales
  • Property sale trends
  • Home price trends
  • School information
  • Demographics
  • Crime statistics
  • Cost of living indices
  • Boundaries
  • And more…

By the way, Home Junction also offers a geo-spatial plugin that will put all of this data in visual form on a map. The map plugin can be integrated with the local MLS database so for example, an agent can display governmental and school district boundaries in relation to any property under review.

“Wow, now you got my attention” will be the first thought that pops into most people’s minds.

Who the heck wouldn’t want to see a detailed, in-depth report on the neighborhoods they are considering or the market where they want to list their home.

Offering to provide market data is THE “hot button.”

The benefits of adding a market analysis to your sales pitch

There are four immediate benefits when you offer a prospect property data from Home Junction.

  1. Value –  That offer of an in-depth market analysis immediately creates value in the mind of the prospect. They will think: “This agent is offering to give me all this information about the market where I want to buy a home or where I might want to sell? I love it.”
  2. The Most Powerful Word in the English Language – This in-depth market analysis is “free?”  I’ll take it.
  3. Convenience – just ask Amazon buyers about the power of convenience. By offering to provide all this information to a consumer, that means less work that they have to do on their own. That means less time digging around the web for them and less worry about whether or not they are actually finding the most accurate information. As you know, just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t make it right. Separating fake facts from reliable information is a big concern for consumers today. There’s too much clutter and too much hype.
  4. Instant Authority – when an agent shows a prospect a detailed, in-depth market analysis of different properties in different neighborhoods at different price points (as opposed to just telling them “the market is great right now” ) that immediately establishes that agent as an “authority” in the mind of a consumer.

As we know perception is reality. That perception of authority will not only convince the customer to do business with you, it will also persuade the consumer to refer you to their friends and family. That’s golden. The gift that keeps on giving.

And that’s when, as they say in Hollywood, your script is “green-lighted.” That’s how you create a powerful presentation that moves people to take action.

There’s a lot of b.s. going on in the world today. Consumers have created built-in sales pitch filters.

An agent or broker today needs something more than just words.

They need to strengthen their pitch by offering a full report of accurate and informative property data to become the strongest, most knowledgeable candidate in the mind of any prospect.