Real Estate Data Gives Agents The Best Resource For Multiple Touchpoints

real estate data touchpointsReal estate data is a tremendous tool when it comes to touchpoints.

What are touchpoints? As everyone in any type of sales knows, it’s very rare to land a customer on the first try. So you need to reach out to them multiple times in multiple ways.

Imagine how important this strategy is today when consumers are touched, let’s say bombarded, by so many messages and promotions daily.

Used to be, people were hit by promotions and advertisements every day by traditional media – TV or newspapers in the morning, radio on the way to work and then TV in the evening.

Then the computer and the internet came along. Consumers were subject to a daily barrage of banner ads and promotional emails.

Now, along comes the iPhone and the smartphone. In this day and age, consumers are now under constant attack from ads and messages on their phones, computers, TVs, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc., etc., etc. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even their own voicemail.

Let’s call it what it really is – clutter.

So, how is a real estate broker or agent going to cut through all that clutter to get their message across?

First of all, hoping a one-time promotion lands a deal in one-shot is really like hoping that unicorns will come flying down from the clouds with signed home sale contracts.

There’s too much noise. A promotion sent out today is soon engulfed in a torrent of promotional messages that will follow in the next 24 hours. How can you catch the attention of someone in that river of information?

Today, marketers have to have a plan for repeated touchpoints.

But as a real estate agent or broker, how do you come up with six or seven exciting, appealing, attention-getting messages for each prospect?

You can’t keep telling them about the same property over and over.

First of all, there’s nothing new in that message.

Secondly, they are going to see that you are just going to keep hammering them with the same message over and over.

Real estate data provides compelling content

But what if you were armed with a full array of information on market conditions. National bulk real estate data providers such as Home Junction now a full database of hyper-local information to brokers and agents.

With advances in “big data” technology, a single agent in Pahokee, Fla.,  sitting alone at their desk can embed a few lines of code onto their website that gives them access (and visitors to their website) to a gigantic amount of information pulled from local county and municipal records and other sources.

That information includes – Recent Property Sales, charts that display local trends in Home Sales and Home Prices, Comparison Charts for where a property stands in relation to other properties in that market, School Data, Demographics, Crime Statistics, Cost of Living Indices, Government Boundaries and much more.

Talk about a source of information for multiple touchpoints!

Talk about an easy well of data that agents can turn to for constant promotions!

Talk about promotions that are sure to catch the attention of prospects, say for example a breaking news alert on changes in average home prices in XYZ neighborhood!

This is the type of content that cuts through all that clutter.

This content is also gathered not just on the county or city level, but all the way down to the neighborhood or subdivision level.

Someone who is looking to move into XYZ neighborhood is going to be very interested in what an agent has to tell them about that neighborhood.

There are plenty of touchpoints to deploy

The most obvious way to transmit this data is by email.

Create compelling subject lines: “See the latest home price data for XYZ!”

But why not use all the different media out there that consumers interact with as well?

Reach them on social media. Post a notice on Facebook or Twitter announcing  “News alert – latest market update released on XYZ neighborhood. Click to read the full report.”

Contact them with a visual promotion through Instagram. Send out a visual chart showing rising trend lines in XYZ neighborhood for home sales.

Put an ad in the newspaper – contact this agent for a full and FREE market analysis.

Talk to editors at the newspaper. They are always looking for story ideas. They don’t know local real estate like you do.

Use this data to point out interesting trends taking place in their readership area.

Same with radio. Run some promotions on the radio with offers to provide a full market analysis to listeners.

And, there’s nothing as powerful as a good old-fashioned phone call. With real estate data from Home Junction, you can offer a reason for people to listen to you. Or, in this day and age of voice mail, a reason to return your call.

What would be more appealing?

“Hello, this is Andy the real estate agent. Are you finally ready to buy (or sell) a house?”

Or, “Hello, this is Andy. I’ve just received the latest data about market conditions in the XYZ neighborhood that you were interested in and I think you will find this information very interesting. Please call me, I would be glad to share it with you.”

You have all these touchpoints to reach out to prospects with. Over and over again.

You have the resource to make these contact points effective. A data feed from Home Junction will continually supply you with fresh content and fresh ideas you can use for repeatedly.

Every day, there is literally an avalanche of promotions coming at consumers.

A real estate broker and agent today must equip themselves with the right tools to push and scrape their way past all those promotions to get compelling, relevant information to their customers.

Hype and gimmicks might catch someone’s attention, but you can only fool a consumer once. If you want to continually reach out to consumers you need to provide something real and reliable.

Real estate data is that tool.