WordPress Real Estate Themes Can Help Your Website Stay Mobile-Fast And Google Friendly

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WordPress Real Estate Themes should get a quick look by brokers and agents for one simple reason.


On the web, speed sells

For Google, speed is one of the critical factors that they will reward websites with better rankings for real estate related searches.

And where do you need to be speedy? Think mobile devices.

In recent blogs we talked about the big switch to mobile taking place in the webisphere.

According to BrightEdge research from last year, 57% of online traffic now happens on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

Only 43% is seen on traditional desktops.

For Realtors, they have to know mobile is big. When people are on the hunt for homes, they check their mobile devices regularly, even dozens of times a day.

Therefore if you want their business, and this is more than half the market, your website had better be mobile-friendly.

The text needs to be readable. Navigation needs to be easy to use. Images load correctly.

Not just on iPhones, but on Android phones. Not just on  cell phones, but on tablets too.

In previous blogs we mentioned this in detail and how WordPress Real Estate Themes are coded to be mobile friendly.

WordPress developers constantly provide updates so the software keeps current with mobile needs.

Therefore, the first goal of every broker and agent is to be sure their website is mobile-ready. If not, consider WordPress Real Estate Themes.

Before we go to the second goal, which is just as important, here’s a number to keep in mind.

That number is 3.

Because here’s the second challenge. Not only do you need a mobile-friendly website, it needs to load quickly.

In fact not just quick, but hyper-fast.

Here’s the reality – Google researchers found that on average a consumer will abandon a mobile page if it doesn’t load in around 3 seconds.

What they also found is that many major websites that you would think would have their mobile-act together, were taking way too long to load.

Google sees from their visitor data that this is how web users are surfing. So Google is putting on a big push for mobile speed and in fact, they are warning major companies they had better get their mobile act together.

For one, Google is rewarding fast mobile websites with higher rankings.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that if your desktop site is fast, your mobile website will also be fast.

These are two different animals and Google is treating them as such. In fact, Google reported in the past two years they have developed separate and specific algorithms just for mobile websites.

As we pointed out, since more traffic is now mobile, you don’t want to be left behind in that race.

Check your mobile website.

Here’s a tool from Google to see if your website is mobile-ready.


Here’s a tool from Google to check out the Page Speed of your mobile website (and your desktop for that matter).


WordPress Real Estate Themes can help you be mobile-first

With Google’s new emphasis on mobile-first, it would be wise for brokers and agents to re-evaluate how they are going to keep up with this paradigm shift.

Many of you might think – “Geez, I just got my desktop website where I want it to be and now you tell me I have to focus on mobile.”

Yep. Well, we are not telling you this, Google is. (And most assuredly, so is Bing).

When you re-evaluate your Internet strategies, this might just be the time to take a look at WordPress Real Estate Themes.

The beauty of WordPress is that this platform is the leading content-management software in the world.

Nearly 30% of all business websites now use WordPress.

Secondly, experienced developers such as Home Junction already have pre-coded WordPress Real Estate Themes.

So you don’t have to build a real estate website with photo galleries, lead forms, listing pages, etc. As you may know, building a website from scratch can be costly and usually takes longer than anticipated.

Creating a WordPress real estate website can be done quickly.

WordPress real estate plugins instantly add great features

Next, because WordPress is open-sourced and so popular, there are literally tens of thousands of plug-ins (like Smartphone apps) out there to enhance a website.

Home Junction has developed a whole set of WordPress real estate plug-ins that are geared for home shoppers.

Those plug-ins include feeds for School Data, Recent Property Sales, Home Value Estimators and many others. All specifically made for Realtors.

In this technological era, things change. Fast.

Samsung just introduced a new foldable phone that looks like a regular smartphone…but then can be opened up to display a screen that is tablet size. (If you ever watched “Westworld” on HBO, you had to know these devices were coming).

Consider pre-coded, mobile-ready WordPress Real Estate Themes so you can keep up with these changes in the web world because these changes will be coming at you fast.