WordPress Real Estate Themes Give Brokers And Agents More Control Over SEO

wordpress real estate themes

WordPress real estate theme offered by Home Junction

If you notice how other realty firms seem to show up higher in search engine results, there is one easy solution – switch to WordPress Real Estate Themes for your website.

As you know, about 90% of home buyers first turn to the web when looking for a home.

When they search the web, they start at one of two places – Google or Bing search engines.

Having a ranking on Page One is huge. Ranking in the top three results is immensely huge.

In fact, studies show organic free rankings on Google and Bing tend to convert into leads more than paid advertising.

Those organic rankings are super critical to an agent’s success.

But as you can imagine, the competition for those coveted spots is intense.

What you might not know, is there is a tool out there that can give you much better control over search engine optimization (SEO) and a better strategy for moving up in the rankings.

That’s not just for the main keywords that everybody is battling  for positioning such as “Homes for Sale in Your Town.”

But also for the more narrow, targeted keywords such as “Homes for Sale in That Country Club Community Your Are Farming.”

That tool – WordPress. More specifically WordPress Real Estate Themes designed specifically for brokers and agents.

WordPress is the leading content management system

WordPress was first designed to make it super easy for people to start a blog.

It was also built to make it super-easy for those bloggers to rank on Google and Bing for keywords they were targeting, such as “Best Quiche Recipes.”

That platform was so successful, it skyrocketed in users.

Here are a few statistics:

  • There are an estimated 19.5 million WordPress websites out there today.
  • 500 WordPress-based websites are launched daily.
  • WordPress has an estimated 50-60% market share for web platforms.
  • Major content sites such as USA Today, CNN, Fortune and even TED talks use WordPress.

The developers at Automattic that created WordPress thought, why don’t we create a version for businesses?

That version took off as well.

wordpress real estate themes

WordPress real estate theme offered by Home Junction

WordPress Real Estate Themes ready to go

You know the great success of the furniture company “Rooms to Go?” You can visit the store and not only find a bed, but an entire bedroom set complete with drawers, nightstands, etc?

Everything in one place.

One of the reasons for the tremendous success of WordPress is that it is “open-sourced,” meaning outside developers can create themes and plugins to be used with the platform.

Therefore, technology companies with real estate experience have the ability to create WordPress Real Estate Themes specifically for brokers and agents.

They include such features as listing pages, lead generation forms, agent rosters, neighborhood information, etc.

Rather than hire programmers to code an entire real estate website from scratch (and take months to do it), these WordPress Real Estate Themes come off the shelf, ready to go.

And when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), they come with some powerful tools.

WordPress Real Estate Themes give more power to agents for SEO

For one, WordPress Real Estate Themes make it easy for agents to add content. You can go right in the admin section and change words on a page or upload images. Or you can easily write a blog and post it on the web instantaneously.

Many platforms may provide this for agents and brokers now. But those platforms can be clunky and cumbersome.

WordPress offers one of the smoothest and most effective content systems on the market.

Agents can also create specific pages for neighborhoods they are targeting and add keywords relevant to that community.

That strategy is super-critical because battling for generic keywords such as “Homes for Sale in Your County or City” is probably very competitive, especially against some of the larger mega-portals.

However, an agent can position themselves on search engines for more targeted keywords, such as “Homes for Sale in XYZ Neighborhood.”

If the agent hammers away with lots of content related to that neighborhood, it will definitely increase their chances of ranking higher on the search engines for that neighborhood. And as we all know in this business, one click that results in a sale can be a big reward for those efforts.

That’s just one strategy.

But here’s another amazing feature of adding WordPress Real Estate Themes that can give a brokerage or agent a major advantage – SEO Plugins

WordPress Plugins designed specifically to enhance SEO

As we said, WordPress is an open-source platform. This allows outside developers to create products to be used with the platform.

Themes are one of them.

Plugins are another.

Plugins are basically software features that can be added to a website. Those plugins can help with everything from showing images to creating lead forms.

WordPress plugins are so popular, in fact, that there are more than 30,000 available. That’s a tremendous number and variety of plugins and a testament to the popularity of adding these off-the-shelf enhancements.

Some of the most popular plugins for WordPress are SEO-related.

Those plugins were built to advise users on how to optimize a page for rankings on search engines.

For example, an agent might write a blog about a particular neighborhood they are farming.

After they write the text, the SEO plugin will offer advice on how to optimize that blog for rankings on Google and Bing.

The plugin might suggest:

– adding targeted keywords to increase the density of that word.

– reducing the number of targeted keywords (Google and Bing don’t like excessive or unnatural overuse of a keyword, commonly known as “keyword stuffing.”)

– creating a title and meta description for the blog (this text will be the words that appear in the search engine results. The more relevant, the more likely a person will click on them).

– placing relevant keywords in the URL address of the blog

– adding images

– inserting keywords into the description of the image and the alt text field for the image

And more.

In essence, it’s like having an SEO machine at your disposal, guiding an agent on how to maximize that page or blog for the market they are targeting.

There are real estate plugins that will also help with adding relevant content (and keywords).

We won’t go into them all here.

But adding a Property Data plugin for example, will enable an agent to instantly add a ton of hyper-local real estate market data to their web pages.

For a neighborhood they are farming for example, they can not only have descriptions about that neighborhood, but they can also add data on recent sales, trends in prices, demographics, schools, boundaries, crime ratings and cost of living prices.

All that hyper-local information related to that neighborhood will be noticed by Google and Bing.

As you can see, it’s a win-win with WordPress.

With WordPress Real Estate Themes, a brokerage or agent can make a quick move into a better strategy to compete for those coveted rankings on Google and Bing.