To Approach Luxury Home Consumers, Be Sure To Provide The Full Service They Will Demand Such As A Neighborhood Data API

luxury homeA Neighborhood Data API is a powerful tool that can give you more clout with luxury home sellers.

This will be more important than ever in 2019.

That’s because experts predict much of the activity in the real estate business will be in higher-end properties.

But as we all know, these sellers are different. And can be more demanding.

That’s probably one reason why they live in those multi-million dollar homes.

That’s also why this year you want to focus on making sure your marketing presentation is filled with the most current and accurate real estate data.

And if you want to impress these buyers and sellers, you will want to have your own data feed of hyper-local  data on your own website, not some other website.

Because here’s why this data is important when working with luxury home owners and shoppers.

One Realtor that works with high-end properties put it this way: luxury home buyers and sellers know this is the era of big data. They know that data is out there relevant to their needs and they want a Realtor who will supply it to them.

Makes sense.

Many of the owners of high-end properties are also the owners of their own businesses or hold upper management positions in companies or are savvy investors.

This category of consumer probably deals with data on a regular basis.

These consumers know how data separates hyperbole from facts.

Therefore, they will listen to the broker or agent who does a great job of providing that critical data.

How a Neighborhood Data API can make a big difference

Sellers will want to see how well you will use data to position their property in the marketplace.

Do you have charts showing how home sales or prices in that particular neighborhood are going up? Or how, a particular property ranks compared to others in regard to Size, Price, Price per Square Foot and Age.

Same with luxury home buyers.

You can tell them there is an exclusive country club right down the street. Or you can show them the wine cellar.

But it’s the data that also going to impress them.

Shoppers will obviously want to see statistics, graphs and charts. They will want factual data to back up the sizable amount of money they are about to invest in a home in that neighborhood.

Luckily for brokers and agents, there’s a simple solution.

National data aggregators such as Home Junction already gather a plethora of neighborhood data from a variety of reliable sources.

They tap in to municipal records, mortgage data, historical data, MLS Listings and other sources to gather the information that these luxury home owners want to see.

With a data aggregator, you can have a developer use a Neighborhood Data API to feed the data into a website. Or you can add a plugin, which is basically just a few snippets of code.

Either way you can feed relevant data onto any page on your website.

Show a variety of relevant real estate market data

So right next to listings, you can also show:

  • Recent trends in home sales
  • Recent trends in pricing
  • School boundaries and attendance zones
  • School data
  • Municipal tax boundaries (which is sure to be of interest to people with multi-million properties)
  • Neighborhood demographics – people like to live next to people like them
  • Crime statistics
  • And more.

This year, with mortgage rates predicted to increase and the inventory of homes in the $250,000 range for Millennials getting scarcer and scarcer, pay attention to the luxury home market.

Add a Home Valuation Plugin (Automated Valuation Model) onto to your website so people can get the latest estimates for home values (just like that real estate portal that starts with z and rhymes with pillow).

Promote these services heavily with mailings to high income neighborhoods.

This will catch the attention of luxury home owners and shoppers.

And as you can imagine, it’s not easy to start a conversation with people in the luxury home category. That’s because everybody wants to.

If you want these data savvy prospects to invest their money in a home with you, or sell their high-end property with you, as a real estate pro you should use all the resources available out there on the market.

A luxury home customer will expect it.

That’s why it’s smart to invest in the right tools such as a Neighborhood Data API to make your website and presentations a full-service resource.