5 Ways Real Estate Data Benefits Home Services Companies

From home security to flooring, the home services industry can gain a lot of knowledge from local real estate data. From anticipating future opportunities to identifying the best way to service current customers, home services companies can improve success by using real estate data in their business strategies to stay ahead of competitors. Read on to learn how you can use this information to improve the experience for both your company and your customers.

Using Real Estate Data Analytics for the Home Services Industry


Be Aware of Upcoming Opportunities

New developments, homes on the market, and sale trends are only a few things to keep an eye on when running a home services company. Using a real estate data API can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors by allowing you to anticipate any new jobs that may become available. A new apartment development may mean an influx in service requests, a new school zoning can change your area’s demographics, and home sales lead to new owners wanting to update their homes. All of these upcoming changes translate into opportunities to grow and improve your company.

Use real estate data to prepare for opportunities for future work. This can impact how you staff your company, set up marketing campaigns, and even diversify your offerings.

Man Offering Flooring Home Services

Diversify Your Offerings

Speaking of diversifying your offerings, real estate data can help your home services company identify areas of need for new services. For example, flood zone boundaries can indicate the need for flooring and mold removal services in an area. Or, a look at property attributes for a neighborhood can reveal older homes that may require roofing services. When researching your specific area, try to determine which services are lacking and how your company can step up to the plate. Then, hire reputable employees to create a well-rounded and skilled team to provide a range of services.

Being the first to diversify your home services offerings in your area can put you far ahead of competitors who have not yet addressed the needs of your current and future customers.

Create Engaging Content for Customers

With so many home services available to customers, it is easy to get lost in the sea of options. It is important to find ways to set yourself apart from the others with engaging and memorable content. Build a website that is visually appealing, offers a great user experience, and provides ample information. Real estate data can help you customize your site with location-specific information that makes you more than just a home services company, you become a resource. Use this information to create blogs and social posts that will leave readers feeling engaged and confident in your services.

If using WordPress for your home services site, using real estate WordPress plugins can help boost the visual appeal of your site and provide helpful, hyperlocal information to your visitors that will keep them on site for longer.

Home Services Contractor Discussing Home Plans with Couple

Know Your Demographics

To serve your customers, it’s best to know what their wants and needs are. Demographics in your area play an important role in what your market trends are. For example, if your service area has homeowners mostly made up of Generation X adults with high incomes, your home services will likely geared toward higher-end additions and renovations. On the other hand, an area with Millennial renters or new homebuyers making more budget-conscious options and focusing more on smaller projects. For both your company and customers, you don’t want to be over- or under-servicing an area.

Demographics from real estate data allow you to tailor your service offerings and prices to cater to the people you will be servicing. This information helps you understand the business you will be getting and ensures customer satisfaction.

Save Time with Automation

If you’re in the home services industry, you’re no stranger to how hectic it can be managing every moving part. With employees, appointments, leads, marketing, customer service, and general business needs, it can get overwhelming to do everything without a little bit of help. Using tools to automate certain aspects of your business can help streamline the process and give you time to focus on other things. Using an automated marketing tool can help you maximize referral marketing, manage leads, integrate social media, and stay on top of relevant real estate market information.

Automating your business saves you valuable time so you can focus on bettering other aspects of your home services company. A more efficient company means more opportunity for growth and success.

Staying up-to-date and involved in real estate trends can help home services companies tremendously. With the market growing more and more every day, taking any actions that set you apart from your competition can be the difference between success and failure. These real estate data tools are beneficial for anyone looking to grow their business, find areas of opportunity, and service their customers as best as possible. Use these tips to become the home services powerhouse in your area!