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Real Estate Marketing Automation is Like a Robot on Your Team

Real estate marketing automation technology in 2020 is definitely a tool that every broker and agent should examine to improve their business. Let’s face it folks, we are in the age of artificial intelligence, robotics and self-driving cars. There’s also robotic-type real estate plugins currently on the market to assist brokers and agents as well.

But first, let’s start with a little analogy. I bought my wife one of those robot vacuum cleaners recently for her birthday. You know, the device that looks like a giant disc and roams around your house vacuuming your floors. The clever little machine plots out the dimensions of a room and covers every inch, sometimes going over the same spot for extra cleaning. The robot vacuum can obstacles and stairs and knows to stay away from them. When its job is done, it returns on its own volition to the docking station to recharge. My wife loves it. It makes her life easier.

Now, here’s the point. There probably aren’t any robotic maids or butlers that will go around and perform all your house cleaning chores such as dusting, washing dishes, filling the washing machine, scrubbing the shower tile, etc. That’s a long way off. However, there are software programs and devices out there today that do a tremendous job with specific tasks.

As you know, this does not just apply to vacuuming. There’s software out there that measures your blood pressure on your watch, keeps tracks of all of your contacts and reminds you when to call them and now keeps your car within the lines on a highway. Very specific. Very helpful.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Programs


Now, there’s also real estate marketing automation programs that are available right now on the market to make an agent’s job easier and much, more effective. For example, once an agent builds up a large base of prospects, it can be quite a chore keeping in touch with all of them on a regular basis. It can be very difficult to juggle multiple clients by phone or in person. In fact, just about impossible.

Some experts say only 20% of agents keep in touch with prospects on a consistent basis. Agents are busy. They have showings, closings, open houses, marketing tasks, help with inspections, negotiations, research, meetings and a whole bunch of hand holding with buyers and sellers in between. In addition to that, they have lives. Families. Friends. Vacations. Parent-teacher meetings. Soccer games. Down time, etc., etc., etc. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a sort of robot that could help you with some of your weekly real estate tasks?

That’s where real estate marketing platforms come in. There are tools that can take a large part of this burden off of your hands. We all know real estate agents, and in fact most business people, prefer to use email. It’s very effective. It’s quick. You can reach out to prospect any time of day or night. With real estate marketing automation tools, you simply load your prospects’ email addresses into the system, the properties they are interested in, and let the software do the rest.

Email Management

This platform for example, will not only send out updated listing information via email on a regular basis, but it will also provide a summary of market conditions. In essence, the software will manage DRIP campaigns automatically. Now that’s added value. That’s how to stay in touch with clients on a consistent basis. That’s how to send out tailored emails to catch their attention and give them personalized service they want from an agent.

There’s even more. Some programs include a “microsite” that is filled with in-depth hyper-local information every home buyer and owner wants to know. That includes real estate market data such as Recent Sales, Number of Homes Sold, Days on the Market, Changes in Property Values, etc. That’s powerful. That’s the type of local knowledge people like to see in an agent.

With real estate marketing automation, an agent is no longer pressed to scramble off emails at random, with perhaps hastily written messages. Instead, that agent (with the help of their “virtual robot”) sends out relevant listings and valuable market updates on a regular basis. Messages with value. Messages that come at a regularly scheduled time that prospects can depend on. Messages that keep that agent’s name in front of their clients.

Social Media Presence

Wait. There’s more that your automated assistant can do. Posting on social media is another major, tedious chore for brokers and agents. We all know the value and importance of these tools. Particularly since they are free. In fact, a study by the National Association of Realtors reported that 90% of agents plan to promote themselves on social media. But there is a cost associated with working social media: Your time.

Again, this is where marketing automation for real estate agents can be a tremendous help. You don’t have to try to think up ideas for your posts on Facebook, etc. You don’t even have to open up your accounts on Facebook, etc. to post the content. The real estate marketing software does it all for you! You just set the program to post valuable market information on your social sites on a regular, consistent basis. What a timesaver.

Not only that, what an effective way to keep your brand out there in the community and generate top-of-mind awareness. And what an effective strategy to show you are the agent with local knowledge and the detailed hyper-local data to back that up!


Now, a broker or agent might think, wow, something like that must cost a fortune. Well those robots you see in Neiman Marcus catalogs that roll around your carpet serving drinks to your friend can be quite expensive. But for specific, real estate marketing software, those costs have dropped tremendously. In this era of Big Data, adding local real estate market data for counties, cities, zip codes and even specific neighborhoods has also dropped considerably in price. We are in the decade of robotics and artificial intelligence. Real estate automated marketing automation is here now.

For agents who spend time rushing around town today, trying to complete several tasks, think how nice it would be if they had a robot out there to help with some of those items. Activities that could stay in constant contact with prospects and automatically generate inquiries and sales. Software that would free them up to fill more prospects into that sales funnel.

Like we pointed out with the robotic vacuum, there aren’t any robotic real estate agents out there right now (and will probably never exist because they can’t replace that human touch). But there are real estate marketing automation programs available right now that can take care of some very specific and important activities. Put them to work.

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