Real Estate API And Other Tech Tools Are Essential To Agent Success Today

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It’s 2018, and in today’s competitive environment, adding a Real Estate API is a necessity if an agent truly wants to become a local resource for buyers and sellers.

Finding success in the real estate business is no longer as simple as just getting out and pounding the pavement.

You must use the latest tech tools as well.

What should you be learning from those who have already blazed the trail? If you interviewed a hundred different successful real estate agents, you would probably encounter a hundred different styles and personalities.

Some are more aggressive, while others are reticent. Others have a large and charismatic demeanor, while others are more subdued.

However, no matter how different their personality type or philosophy, there are a few things that every successful real estate agent has in common.

They stay in touch with clients and keep them informed

One of the most important approaches that a successful real estate agent takes is to prioritize the needs of the client. No matter how busy you are or what you have going on, if a client calls or emails you, you should strive to make them feel like they are the most important client you have ever had.

This could include returning correspondence immediately, always answering the phone with a smile, and following up promptly on every possible occasion.

Tech tools such as note-taking apps have helped preserve many an agent/client relationship – if you promise a client you will make a call or send them some information, and you forget to do it once they’re out of sight, this will erode the client’s trust in you.

Another very helpful tool is Listing Leader – a real estate marketing automation program. Combined with a Real Estate Data API, this tool uses email to automatically send new MLS listings and updated real estate market data such as Recent Home Sales, to prospects on a regular basis.

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A Real Estate API automatically feeds recent market data onto an agent’s website.

Customers like consistency. This program continually keeps agents in touch with their clients. Automatically.

Without leads, there are no clients – and without clients, there is no business. A successful real estate agent considers all possible avenues for collecting and retaining leads. Whether focusing strongly on social media and web presence, or trying out old-school methods such as mass mailings, experimentation and analysis of what worked (and what didn’t) helps you fine-tune your business to attract the right kind of clients from the right types of marketing.

In addition, high-earning real estate agents curate and nurture an extensive network. Not because they think it will translate to loads of clients instantly, but because they know they can be the most successful by partnering with companies who provide the highest level of service – just like they do.

Whether an insurer, a contractor, a home inspector, a mover, or another related professional, they know who is the best in their industry and pride themselves on connecting them with their clients. And if they find out someone is slacking on good customer service? They aren’t afraid to cull them from referrals.

Agents use a Real Estate API to offer more local info

This generation’s crop of successful agents know their way around a smartphone and a social media account.

They multitask, they go paperless, they make transactions from anywhere, and they build their email list in their pajamas.

They are able to combine their customer service skills with the latest technology.

With a Real Estate Data API on their website, they don’t just claim to have local knowledge, they offer a wealth of in-depth market data about Schools. School Attendance Zones, City and County Boundaries, Cost of Living, Crime Ratings, Neighborhood Demographics and Comparative Analysis.

Real facts. Current market data. A vast array of key information buyers and sellers want to know. All on the agent’s website (fed by a Real Estate API – a few simple lines of code embedded on the site).

With a WordPress real estate theme they offer big, bright images of listings. They add useful WordPress real estate plugins for generating leads with contact forms and they optimize their website’s rankings on Google and Bing.

And because they use a WordPress real estate platform, their desktop website easily converts into a mobile website that can be read and navigated on an iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. The world searches for answers on their mobile devices today. Google recognizes this and ranks websites on how well their site transitions to mobile devices.

When you can have offer complete and up to date local real estate information with just a couple of clicks, on any device, you have already set yourself apart from the crowd.

Sure, every real estate agent fancies themselves a neighborhood expert, but the highest earning and most in demand real estate agents are on another level.

Having the information from a Real Estate API at your fingertips means that you too can provide answers to questions like “What’s for sale?” “What just sold?” and “How much house can I get for my budget?” on any particular street or neighborhood in your city.

You will know exactly what to suggest to a client, according to their needs: where is the closest hospital, church, gym, school, playground, or golf course in their desired area?

This technology can not only serve to train you in committing these details to memory, but also to show clients who visit your website your dedication to meeting their need for instant and in-depth information.

The climate may be very different when it comes to building a real estate business in 2018.

But some things remain the same: customer prioritization, keeping in touch and knowing your market inside and out.

What’s different is the new technology, including a Real Estate API or a WordPress real estate website, that makes for an easier time climbing the rungs of success.