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Real Estate WordPress Themes Rules To Follow

When it comes to real estate WordPress themes there are many advantages. And then there are the minefields. When the difference between a shoddy WordPress-based real estate site can mean the loss of buyers for million dollar homes or sellers for your target neighborhoods, you might want to invest the time to make the right […]

The Benefits of Providing Real Estate Walkability Score Data and Tools to Millennials

Marketing experts will tell you that certain words have incredible power. The word “free” or “guaranteed” for example. When marketing to Millennials, real estate brokers and agents would be smart to pay attention to the word “walkability.” It would also be smart to have real estate data to point out the “walkability” of the properties […]

It Was Geography, Not People, Who Shaped History

Traditionally, the way we learn about history is through the characters involved. Genghis Khan, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Patton, etc. But one writer, Sir Barry Cunliffe, argues that it wasn’t characters who shaped history, it was geography. Geography was incredibly important then, as it is now. The geography of real estate is especially important. […]

The Secret to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year and you got your resolutions all set to go. You plan to increase your real estate business, lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with the family or a friend, travel, paint the house, whatever it may be. Now we all know where most of these resolutions end up. Sometimes you […]

How to Market Properties in Today’s Coupon Economy

It’s no secret this country has gone through some tough economic times and is on the slow road to recovery. A few years ago, jobs disappeared. Housing dropped. Wallets and pocketbooks shrunk. Things appear to be getting better — the unemployment rate is declining and the demand for real estate listings is increasing in some […]