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How to Glow When Googled

I read an interesting blog the other day from a real estate agent who held an open house. She met a nice young couple who toured the house and then came back and spoke with the agent. “Yeah, we Googled you,” they said, apparently happy with what they found. Googled you? Can Google get any […]

Why Realtors Should Be Marketing the Lifestyle of a Property

Have you ever watched Million Dollar Listing?  It’s a show on the Bravo network where three 30-somethings sell real estate in Malibu and Hollywood. With their luxury cars, weird haircuts, and super-wealthy clients, this almost seems like a fantasy reality show. Their names are even trendy – Madison, Chad and Josh (what, no Biff?). I watched […]

Applying Geospatial Information With Real Estate Is One of the Top Tech Trends… And We’ve Got It

Remember all those years of geography you studied in grammar school and high school pouring over maps, globes and textbooks? Those classes certainly instilled in students a fascination with the world and distant lands. But underneath all those discussions about the Himalayas, the Great Wall in China and Machu Picchu in Peru, there is an […]

How to Market Real Estate With School Data

I was speaking with an acquaintance of mine the other day and was surprised to hear he recently moved to the other side of the country. “Yea, we like the schools here better.  We were considering a private school where we lived before but thought it would smarter to just relocate.” 2,000 miles! That’s quite […]

Real Estate Broker Calls SpatialMatch His ‘Magic Map’

Everyone in business knows you don’t always get feedback from a satisfied customer. Many times they are just too busy. But when one of your clients refers to your product as “magic,” well, you just gotta listen. That’s what happened at Team X Real Estate in Los Angeles. Broker Emmanuel Xuereb wrote in his blog […]