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How Realtors Can Cash In on the “Walkability” Craze

The term “walkability” is a hot new buzzword in real estate circles. Most of you have a rough idea of what it means just by the word itself. But walkability involves more than just putting one foot in front of the other. Basically, the term concerns how-user friendly a certain part of a community is […]

This Year’s Top Real Estate Movie Award Goes To….

Isn’t great to see a low-budget film make it big? Independent movies like “Little Miss Sunshine” or “Sideways.” Movies that don’t have overpaid movies stars and cost a gazillion to make and make you wonder after two hours, wouldn’t all that money have been better spent, say, rebuilding a country. Our nomination for independent Real […]

Let’s Give Them Something to Tweet About

Everyone knows that famous Bonnie Raitt song “Let’s give them something to talk about.” For real estate brokers and agents in 2011, it should be “Let’s give them something to Tweet about.” Yes, a site that amazingly only allows you to write 140-word messages at a time continues to skyrocket in popularity. How popular you […]

Real Estate Customization Organizes the Home Search Chaos and Keeps Consumers Returning

The real estate industry is clearly lagging behind other industries in customization possibilities for “real estate search and display.” Think about it. On the web you can customize everything — your song playlist, your favorite videos, your bookmarks, your news, your friends… the list goes on. Customization exists in order to recognize individualism and make […]

Do You Have the Right Real Estate Website Tools?

It used to be that America’s farmland was made up of small farmers with moderate acreage. Today, the small farmer is complaining that they are being put out of business by the mega-farm corporations. How did that happen? The simple answer is that efficiencies were made to the farming system.  Newer automated tools replaced older […]

How to Create Real Estate Buzz

People who take the time to research products online are not only a great segment of the market because they tend to buy big-ticket items at a higher rate than other adults, but they also like to talk about it. According to BIGresearch, about half (47%) will give advice to others on what they found, […]