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SpatialMatch and the Importance of Lifestyle Search Technology

  Our group came away from the San Francisco Inman “Real Estate Connect” tech conference with the feeling that Realtors are truly grasping the importance of lifestyle search technology. SpatialMatch had an exhibit located in an area called Start-Up Alley where we were able to display in person our extensive, geo-spatial lifestyle search platform available […]

How the Hyper-Local Search Will Change How Real Estate is Sold

Imagine if, 20 years ago, you were a real estate agent who dabbled in writing science fiction. You might write a short story that goes something like this: super-savvy real estate agent Jenny Jetson drives up to a showing with her client in a new hybrid electric car. Before she opens the door to the prospective property, Jenny pulls out a thin and glossy 9 […]

How to Use Lifestyle Amenities to Sell More Homes

Would you pay $1.5 million for five cents? Someone did. In 1996, a coin collector paid that amount for a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel. Real estate agents continually use the same principle that created the high purchase for this coin. It’s called the principle of scarcity. Expert Dr. Robert Cialdini calls it “the rule of […]

The Benefits of Becoming a Lifestyle Relocation Specialist

I don’t know if you’d put “Lifestyle Relocation Specialist” on your business card, but you’d definitely want to incorporate this marketing message into your brand image. The fact is if you just sell homes, then you are a data-commodity, and your unique selling proposition is getting harder to convey. Unless, of course, you have the […]

HTML Websites

From graphics to web development, audio to video and more, get the skills you want from our family of tutorial and resource sites. Need more? We also offer a Plus program where you can access source files and bonus tutorials. Home – From graphics to web development, audio to video and more Portfolio – From […]