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Real Estate Marketing Automation is Like a Robot on Your Team

Real estate marketing automation technology in 2020 is definitely a tool that every broker and agent should examine to improve their business. Let’s face it folks, we are in the age of artificial intelligence, robotics and self-driving cars. There’s also robotic-type real estate plugins currently on the market to assist brokers and agents as well. […]

Using a Property Data API for Competitive Market Promotions

Property data API market statistics could be the tool of this decade for brokers and agents. Why? Because we now live in a world of hype, spam and constant contact by marketers. Real estate market statistics, more narrowly, hyper-local statistics can help an agent cut through all this clutter. And just as importantly, personalize their […]

Real Estate Plugins Can Help with Your Website Makeover

Real estate plugins and data can have a major impact for brokers and agents considering a makeover for their website as we begin a new decade. We are entering into an exciting era in real estate technology. There is technology now available out there, on the shelf that can instantly improve an agent’s website. Which […]

The Importance of Home for the Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from the Staff at Home Junction! There is a popular saying for the Holidays that reads, “At Christmas, All Roads Lead Home.” That famous phrase was coined years ago by Marjorie Holmes, a newspaper columnist and author of 134 books. Of course, you can substitute that saying for any holiday. But in December, […]

Ways to Attract Homebuyers with School Boundary Data

A real estate agent’s ability to show school boundary data can have a significant impact on home buyers… and their status as a resource in their target neighborhoods. Consider these statistics from a recent survey by Realtor.com: 91% of home buyers with children said school boundaries were important or very important to them 73% of […]

How to Use a Real Estate API for Positive Online Reviews

A real estate market API can be a powerful tool in helping agents generate positive reviews in the 21st Century. Why is this important? Because in case you haven’t noticed, online reviews are the new referrals (don’t get us wrong, traditional referrals are still super valuable). But check out these statistics from BrightLocal: 85% of […]

Using Listing Leader for Customer Preferences & Interests

After a real estate agent sends out an email campaign to prospects, wouldn’t be great if they had a crystal ball into what the recipients were thinking? Now with a program called Listing Leader you can. Listing Leader is not a crystal ball. It’s a software program developed by Home Junction. But that program can […]

Real Estate Data API Helps Agents Overcome Data Fallacies

A real estate data API is an essential tool for brokers and agents to help address what experts call “data fallacies.” When you deal with a product the sizable price tag of a home, these fallacies can be costly.  A highly probable seller in a neighborhood you are farming might misinterpret some data and suddenly […]